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The First Full Wheel Of Time Trailer Will Blow You Away

The release date for the sweeping fantasy epic "The Wheel of Time" is coming ever closer, after 20 years of trying to bring the narrative onto screens and a COVID-19 delay (via Deadline). Now, Amazon has finally released the first full trailer, displaying even more of the unnamed world (referred to as "Earth" on the TV series) created in painstaking detail by Robert Jordan. 

Fans have long been awaiting a more in-depth look at Amazon's depiction of the world, which is a complicated place. It features female magic-users called Aes Sedai, along with the three young men who are called ta'veren. The name ta'veren denotes a powerful, plot-moving way that the titular Wheel of Time weaves surrounding life-threads around certain key figures, causing them to affect people and events in outsized ways. In the first episodes, an Aes Sedai named Moraine (Rosamund Pike) arrives in a place called the Two Rivers to shepherd several young people, some of whom may or may not be ta'veren and one of whom is likely a very powerful reincarnation of a mythological figure known as The Dragon, into their future destinies.

The television adaptation of the movie includes eight episodes in its first season, and has already been renewed for a second. Amazon clearly has confidence that "The Wheel of Time" will find an audience, and this trailer is one way of building up the momentum in hopes of buoying its success. 

The trailer reveals some important details of the world not seen before

Amazon has already released plenty of material previewing the show, including a September 2 trailer that provided a first look at the Two Rivers folk, the city of Tar Valon that is also home to the White Tower, the Trollocs and Myrddraal that serve the Dark One, and the tainted Ways that certain people in this world use to travel quickly from place to place at great risk. 

In early October, Amazon released an early scene from the pilot, showing Moiraine and her Warder Lan's (Daniel Henney) appearance at the Winespring Inn in the Two Rivers. A more recent trailer from October 22, called "Moiraine's Quest," lays out the plot in more detail, introducing the "Chosen One" narrative that lies at the heart of the story. In the books, Moiraine is privy to a Foretelling of a child's birth a couple decades before the start of story. This child is destined to be a great but ill-fated hero called the Dragon Reborn, the world's only chance against the Dark One. Moiraine and one trusted friend take it upon themselves to find him and protect him at costs, while preparing him for the trials to come. 

The new trailer debuted as part of a livestreaming event, and includes [TK Elements] that ought to excite fans both old and new. 

Amazon Prime Video drops the first three episodes of the eight-episode first season on November 19, and will air the remaining five weekly into December, so you're going to want to be ready.