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Is Iggy Really Leaving New Amsterdam?

In Episode 7 of the controversial fourth season of NBC medical drama "New Amsterdam," titled "Harmony," psychiatrist Dr. Iggy Frome — portrayed by Tyler Labine, co-star of the horror-comedy classic "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" — faces an ultimatum. Previously during the season, Iggy has been on a break from seeing new patients while attempting to better his own mental health, figuring that until then, he would be in no position to help others. However, in "Harmony," newly-hired New Amsterdam Medical Center director Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) attempts to pressure Iggy into a commitment to take on new patients once again.

Iggy still feels that he's unprepared to do so, as he shares with his husband Martin (Mike Doyle). Then Iggy reveals that, instead of resuming his psychiatry work prematurely, he instead plans to resign from New Amsterdam Medical Center.

In response to this development, fans have seemed to express joy and sadness alike on social media. Twitter user @Musicalfreakgr2, for example, posted "No! Iggy don't resign." along with the series' hashtag and a gif of a crying child. Meanwhile, in a thread containing reactions to moments from throughout the episode, user @Sharpwin101 wrote "Iggy is going to Resign?" accompanied by a gif of "World of Dance" host Jennifer Lopez joyfully applauding.

However, while these and other fans seem to have taken Iggy at his word, evidence points toward Labine continuing his longtime "New Amsterdam" role for the foreseeable future.

Iggy is most likely here to stay

Officially, who will comprise the cast of "New Amsterdam" beyond its current, fourth season hasn't yet been detailed, so whether or not Tyler Labine will appear in future seasons of the series has yet to be confirmed. That said, perhaps the most revealing piece of evidence indicating that Labine is here to stay is the fact that his list of upcoming credits on IMDb includes only one movie, titled "Killing Winston Jones," the filming of which is already complete. Labine, then, appears to be entirely free to appear in new episodes of "New Amsterdam," whereas if he recently learned his departure was imminent, his commitment to a new project would be all the more likely.

Furthermore, as recently as March 2020, Labine shared in an interview numerous reasons he enjoys portraying and even feels personally connected to Iggy as a character (via Daily Actor). Presuming that nothing has changed on his end, he's likely to want to continue his "New Amsterdam" tenure for as long as possible.

Finally, plans for a "New Amsterdam" Season 5 were announced prior even to the premiere of its third (via Variety), so barring a reason on Labine's end for leaving the series, it's likely his Season 4 contract also extends to the upcoming Season 5, given their concurrent announcement.

Iggy's resignation, then, may well change upon the premiere of the next episode of "New Amsterdam" on November 9.