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Tom Hanks Takes You On A Tour Of The Apocalypse In First Look At Finch

It's the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine because we've got Tom Hanks to keep us company. His brand new post-apocalyptic adventure movie, "Finch," is set to arrive exclusively to Apple TV+ this week and to raise our excitement levels just that little bit higher, a brand new behind-the-scenes look at the film has arrived online (via YouTube). Sporting a few words from the man himself, the featurette has some all new footage from the film and gives us an even bigger insight into what life is like for one man and his dog after the world's ended. We are you to look into the eyes of Goodyear and tell us everything isn't going to be all right.

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik, "Finch" sees Hanks as the titular hero, who has the great misfortune of being (maybe) the last man on Earth. Thankfully, his life is made a little easier with the company of a dog called Goodyear, who keeps Finch going from day to day. However, being the realist he is, Finch accepts that he won't be able to look after his canine chum forever and builds a robot named Joel to take over in his stead after he's gone. Together, the three set off on a journey to safer lands and evade an approaching storm that could thwart Finch's plans before they've even begun.

Finch is a 'delightful' watch according to Hanks

Looking to host another unsurprisingly compelling performance from Hanks (what else is new?), there's an epic element to "Finch" that Miguel Sapochnik is delivering, and it also comes as no surprise given his previous experience. While it may be his first film in 11 years since Jude Law's "Repo Men," Sapochnik has also directed some of, if not the best episodes in "Game of Thrones," and he's also a co-showrunner for upcoming prequel seriesĀ "House of the Dragon." If you were blown away by "Hardhome," the incredible "Battle of the Bastards," and (regardless of its lighting issues) "The Long Night," then you'll know he already has an eye for delivering a massive story on a small screen. Every exterior shot on here looks like an Apple desktop screen with an added Oscar winner, dog, and robot.

Hanks himself describes the film as "optimistic, hopeful, and it's just delightful," which certainly feels like an emotional shift from Sapochnik's work on the revered HBO show with dragons and night terrors. See how he handles things of a slightly brighter note when "Finch" sets off exclusively on Apple TV+ on November 5.