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Nearly 19% Said This Was Their Least Favorite Squid Game Character

The Netflix original "Squid Game" is a series full of unlikely heroes. Take the shows' protagonist Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), for example. When we first meet him, we quickly learn that he's a deadbeat dad and gambling addict whose elderly mother still works to keep a roof over his head. It's not exactly a very flattering characterization. After watching him persevere and grow throughout the course of the series, though, it's hard to not root for him to succeed. However, the same cannot be said of all the characters.

We here at Looper wanted to see exactly who viewers loved and loathed when it came to the central cast of "Squid Game." We already know who our readers picked as their favorite character from the series. But what about the least favorite? We asked the question, our readers have responded, and if you've watched "Squid Game" all the way through, the results of the poll shouldn't come as a surprise.

With nearly 600 votes cast, the duplicitous investor Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) earned the dishonorable title of Least Favorite "Squid Game" Character, beating out wannabe gang kingpin Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), who got 18.29%, and family man Abdul Ali (Anupam Tripathi), who got 15.27%. Here's why.

Squid Game fans don't have love for Sang-woo

Among the cast of gangsters and pickpockets, Sang-woo first appears to be a cut above the rest. The cool, calm, and collected investor quickly becomes the head of an alliance and helps protect his friends during the brutal games and deadly brawls in the dormitory (which is full of well-hidden Easter eggs). Although the others learn early on that Sang-woo is partaking in the games because he lost a huge amount of money thanks to bad investments, they still look up to him. But when the contestants are tasked with playing a simple game of marbles it becomes clear that there's a good reason that Sang-woo is in there among the petty thieves and conmen.

During the marbles competition, Sang-woo is paired with Ali, who has come to view Sang-woo as a friend and mentor figure. That makes it all the more devastating when they learn that in this round, they will compete against each other instead of with each other. Each pair must pick a marble-based game. Whoever ends the round by collecting all of their opponent's marbles will move on, while the loser will be killed.

In the midst of the horror, Sang-woo tells Ali that he has a plan for how they can both live. It will require Ali to give Sang-woo his marbles for safekeeping, which Ali does dutifully. But Sang-woo's plan wasn't to get them both out alive. It was to ensure that he would win by manipulating Ali's trust in him to get his marbles. Sang-woo is rewarded by moving on to the next round, while Ali is shot in the head.

Everyone has their own reasons for voting the way they did, but Sang-woo's deadly deception no doubt played a big role in getting him voted as the Least Favorite "Squid Game" Character.