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Is There A New Our Kind Of People Episode Tonight? (November 2, 2021)

For fans of TV shows, especially serialized ones that tell a continuous story week-to-week, nothing is more frustrating than tuning in at the regular time slot only to find that there's no new episode that week. Even worse, networks don't always alert fans ahead of time, so these surprises can happen when it's too late to make other plans. But we're here to help.

"Our Kind of People" is a freshman Fox drama that airs on Tuesdays nights at 9:00 PM. Based on the Lawrence Otis Graham's book "Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class," and executive produced by Lee Daniels ("Precious," "The Butler"), the show follows single mother Angela Vaughn (Yaya DaCosta) as she enters the affluent Black enclave of Oak Bluffs, where she struggles to fit in with the community's elites, and tries to learn the truth about her mother's troubled past on the island (via Variety).

The series premiered on Sept. 21, 2021, and five episodes from the first season have already aired. If you've been keeping up with "Our Kind of People," you probably noticed that there was no Episode 6 on last Tuesday. If you're wondering whether Episode 6 will drop this week, though, we have some bad news.

Sadly, Our Kind of People has been bumped in favor of the Fall Classic

There will not be a new episode of "Our Kind of People" tonight, Nov. 2, 2021. Instead, Fox will be broadcasting Game 6 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves.

While the Astros did manage to stave off elimination by winning game 5, making game 6 necessary, Fox had actually planned not to air "Our Kind of People" tonight, either way. That's because after Episode 5 aired on Oct. 19, the network scheduled a two-week break for the show to accommodate the World Series (via Hidden Remote). The network made the same decision for its other Tuesday-night drama series, "The Resident."

For fans of "Our Kind of People," it's definitely a bummer to have to take a two-week break just five episodes into its inaugural season. Fortunately, the show will be back next Tuesday night, Nov. 9, in its usual time slot of 9:00 PM. In the meantime, the first five episodes of "Our Kind of People" are available on Fox's website with a TV provider login, and on Hulu with a premium subscription.