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What A Classic NES TV Combo Actually Sold For On Pawn Stars

Every member of the "Pawn Stars" crew has their specialty. Head honcho Rick Harrison knows all things about early Americana. From old coins to antique firearms, Rick has a cornucopia of knowledge on the strangest things that have walked into the shop. However, when someone comes in with an old video game system, Rick looks utterly lost. That's where his son, Corey, and his friend, Chumlee, come into the picture. 

Granted, those guys know plenty about other subjects, too. Chumlee's come through in a pinch on more than one occasion when the gang needed some more information on some collectible shoes. But together, they have extensive knowledge of the history of video games that's impressive, to say the least. 

It means they generally don't need to call on one of their many experts when an antique system enters negotiations. They know everything they need to, making for quick sales like the one featured in an episode where a seller comes in with an NES/TV combo. That means an old NES video game system is built directly into the television set. Corey made quick work of the deal and ended up buying it for a steal.

Corey paid $650 for the NES TV combo

The seller comes in with a pretty rare item. Namely, it's a Nintendo Game Television that has an NES built directly into the unit. Suffice to say, it's a lot harder to come by, and if Corey's to be believed, it's a lot harder to sell. When it comes down to brass tacks, the seller wants $1,200 for the unit, and Corey doesn't think he can make a profit at that price. He insists most people will want an original NES, like the kind most people had when they were kids. 

He offers $500 initially, and after some back and forth, the seller decides to let it go for $650. Until the shop can sell it, we have a feeling Corey and Chumlee will have a ton of fun playing "Duck Hunt" on this thing. 

Hopefully, the shop has a better time selling this thing than some of the other video game memorabilia they've bought over the years. One time, Chumlee purchased a sniper arcade game, and the best they could do was break even on it. Chumlee received an earful from the transaction, but fortunately, Corey seems a lot more confident in this purchase than Chumlee did.