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What Happened To Agent Amy Jessup On Fringe?

Back in 2009, Meghan Markle's appearance on "Fringe" didn't really raise many eyebrows, other than perhaps for her sudden disappearance after only two episodes on the sci-fi drama. At the time, Markle's only previous experience in the world of acting had come courtesy of a handful of minor film roles and single-episode guest appearances on television. Still a whole two years away from her breakout role on "Suits," Markle was far from an internationally recognized name. Of course, Markle was not then married to or even associated with Prince Harry, nor had she been granted the title of Duchess of Sussex.

Her character, FBI Agent Amy Jessup, did not play a significant role in the plot of "Fringe." However, given Markle's rise to prominence in the world since she joined the Royal Family in 2018, some fans have revisited the Season 2 episodes in which she appears. Alas, fans looking for a surprising and yet unnoticed impact she might have had on the series will be left disappointed. However, Markle's role in the series was a minor stepping stone in her rise to international recognition and is worth briefly reviewing.

Amy Jessup simply disappears

Junior FBI Agent Amy Jessup makes her first appearance on "Fringe" in the Season 2 premiere, an episode titled "A New Day in the Old Town." The episode centers on the return of FBI Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) from her short trip to an alternate universe. The means of travel between universes involves Dunham suddenly appearing out of thin air and flying through the front windshield of a crashed car. This is where audiences are first introduced to Jessup, who is in charge of Dunham's car crash scene. Jessup quickly begins to ask a few too many questions about Dunham's team. Shortly after that, she is coldly told by Special Agent-in-Charge Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick) not to include any of the bizarre things she witnessed in her report. Though she manages to connect with Peter, Jessup is repeatedly frustrated by the team's lack of cooperation with her efforts to understand the weird science with which Fringe Division is tasked.

Markle made her second and final appearance in Season 2, Episode 2, titled "Night Of Desirable Objects." Here, she investigates another crime scene where she suspects a religious connection to the Fringe Division cases. She is last seen comparing documents obtained from Fringe Division to passages in the Bible. After this episode, Jessup is never seen or mentioned again, earning her a spot on the shortlist of notable characters who simply disappeared. There's no explanation as to why Markle departed from the show, but some Redditors definitely have their theories.