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Law & Order Fans Just Got Exciting News

One of the biggest staples in television over the past few decades has been the TV show "Law & Order." Beginning in 1990, the series, which was created by TV industry giant Dick Wolf, ran for 20 seasons, with a rotating cast that included Jerry Orbach, Chris Noth, S. Epatha Merkerson, Benjamin Bratt, Paul Sorvino, and Jesse L. Martin, among others, many of whom spent a significant amount of time on the show.

Over the course of its run, the show tackled numerous prescient storylines, such as sexual assault during a riot associated with the Puerto Rican Day Parade, in an episode that NBC opted to never air again. The series also spawned a number of spinoffs, including "Law & Order: SVU." Thus, fans were heartbroken to learn of the series' cancellation after its 20th season in 2010.

However, that heartbreak has now been mended, as NBC has announced that it's reviving the series for a new season. Fans of the series received even more exciting news today that bodes well for the show's return.

A veteran will be leading the series when it returns

Deadline has announced that the revival has found its lead in the form of performer Jeffrey Donovan. Not much is known about Donovan's character, but he will be playing an NYPD detective. Anthony Anderson confirmed last month that he's spoken to Dick Wolf about returning (via Deadline), and Sam Waterston is rumored to be in talks to return as well. This lines up with expectations that the new season will be a mix of returning characters as well as new ones.

Donovan is best known for his lead role on the USA Network series "Burn Notice." On the show, Donovan plays ex-spy Michael Westen, who suddenly finds himself burned, leaving him blacklisted with no money or job history. This leads him to lend his skills to people desperate for a helping hand in the city of Miami, where he stays. He's also known for his work in shows such as "Fargo" and "Crossing Jordan," as well as movies such as "Sicario" and "J. Edgar."

Donovan has also previously appeared twice in "Law & Order" in guest roles, with his first appearance being in the 4th episode of Season 6, titled "Jeopardy," where he plays Eddie Nicodos. He then shows up again in episode 17 of Season 17, titled "Good Faith," where he plays Jacob Reese.

A premiere date for the new season of "Law & Order" has yet to be announced.