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Netflix's Santa Claus Origin Story A Boy Called Christmas Gets Its First Trailer

Christmas-themed movies are one of the best modern traditions the holiday season has to offer. Whether you love to get classic with "Miracle on 34th Street," a bit more contemporary with something like "Elf," or interpret the medium liberally with a selection like "Die Hard," most people who celebrate the winter holiday have their own cinematic tradition to go along with the tree and presents. This year, Netflix is looking to introduce a new film into that canon.

"A Boy Called Christmas," based on the book of the same name by Matt Haig, is a colorful fantasy extravaganza that takes everything back to the beginning to tell the origin story of the holiday itself. The film stars Henry Lawfull as Nikolas, a boy who heads north on an adventure to a mythical land of elves and magic while on a quest to find his lost father. As the premise and our main character's name suggest, young Nikolas will go on to have a huge influence not just on this snowy northern village, but on the rest of the world, as well.

With a cast that includes everyone from Maggie Smith to Toby Jones to Kristen Wiig, "A Boy Called Christmas" certainly has the credentials to become an instant classic. And now we have a brand new trailer to get us into the holiday spirit.

Welcome to the festive world of A Boy Called Christmas

Resplendent with lush production design and opulent fantasy world-building, the trailer for "A Boy Called Christmas" teases a modern take on the good-old-fashioned holiday blockbuster.

We meet our hero Nikolas, his trusted companion Miika the Mouse (Stephen Merchant), and learn about the perilous journey he must embark on to "bring back a spark of magic." It's all a wondrously snowy good time but that's before the real fun even begins. Soon Nikolas arrives in the storybook settlement of Elfhelm. The magic town far to the north can only be seen by those who believe in it and once Nikolas allows himself to do just that, he's treated to a colorful and cozy world full of gingerbread houses and presents. The citizens of Elfhelm are in the middle of a peculiar celebration they call Christmas, which looks to be just the type of magic Nikolas went searching for.

"A Boy Called Christmas" also stars Jim Broadbent, Michiel Huisman, and Sally Hawkins and is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 24.