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The CW's Walker Is Losing One Of Its Biggest Stars

The CW's "Walker" is the network's attempt at rebooting the popular '90s show "Walker, Texas Ranger" starring Chuck Norris. The modern-day reboot, however, stars Jared Padalecki — best known as Sam Winchester on "Supernatural" — in the titular role. Lindsey Morgan plays his work partner, Micki Ramirez. Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen, Violet Brinson, and several other talented actors also play pivotal roles in the show.

The series follows Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger who, after his wife is tragically murdered, decides to pull the tough guy move and bury himself in work as opposed to processing his grief in a healthy way. This leads him to sour many of the most important relationships in his life, including the one with his daughter, Stella. Now that he's essentially starting over, he's working hard to rebuild those damaged relationships and having hit-or-miss success handling his professional duties with his new partner, Micki. For better or worse, though, Walker soon won't have that particular relationship to worry about anymore — because there are some big changes happening with the show at the end of Season 2.

Sadly, Lindsey Morgan has decided to leave the show

According to a Deadline exclusive, Morgan has decided to leave the CW series for "personal reasons." Based on statements from both sides, the split appears to be amicable and bittersweet. Morgan insists that she will "continue to root for [her] TV family and wish them all the best." Likewise, Padalecki has declared that he is "honored to consider her a friend" and showrunner Anna Fricke has emphatically stated that "[Morgan] will of course be missed, but we truly support her and celebrate the impact she has made on the show."

It's difficult to speculate on what Morgan's "personal reasons" might be. But if her latest Instagram post is any clue, it may have something to do with her overall health and wellness. She alluded to the COVID-19 pandemic making her more aware of her health needs and added that she isn't saying goodbye but rather taking an "extended break." Morgan also said that she hopes to "return to [her] career healthier and happier than ever after taking this time off." Wherever she's going from here, we're sure everyone who loves her work on both "Walker" and "The 100" is wishing her the best.