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Why Fans Are Upset With CSI: Vegas After Season 1 Episode 4

Earlier this year, CBS announced that the once long-running "CSI" would be back for more upon the release of new series "CSI: Vegas." Whereas past spin-offs like "CSI: Cyber," for example, spotlight unique principal characters, "CSI: Vegas" features as its leads longtime "CSI" protagonists Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). Both Grissom actor William Peterson and Sara actor Jorja Fox are therefore returning to their iconic "CSI" roles anew in "CSI: Vegas," which premiered on October 6 (via IMDb).

Furthermore, Grissom and Sara have long been romantic partners, and — following a brief separation — are married to one another on "CSI: Vegas." Their romance is so popular, in fact, that it's nicknamed GSR by a certain subset of the "CSI" fanbase. In Episode 3 of "CSI: Vegas," a moment spotlighting their affection for one another was an immediate hit among viewers, affirming that fan interest in their romance is alive and well.

After a promo for Episode 4 teased a kiss between the two characters, however, the episode itself failed to include said kiss, spurring numerous fans hoping for more on-screen GSR moments to share their disappointment.

Fans want to see the kiss

A discussion thread posted to the official "CSI" Reddit for Season 1 Episode 4 includes posts from multiple users expressing their disappointment at the episode lacking the kiss they felt they were promised. User whereverthereislight, for example, put succinctly what plenty of others asked, commenting, "I have only one question, where is the kiss?!" 

User Professional_Act6030, meanwhile, wrote, "They totally played us with that almost kiss." 

Finally, user clover426 outlined just why they felt the absence of a kiss was unfair, citing both the tease in the episode's trailer and the fact that time was most likely not a constraint, indicating the producers simply decided not to show it.

On Twitter, meanwhile, a post by the official "CSI: Vegas" account containing a gif of a moment between Grissom and Sara from Episode 4 received replies almost exclusively critical of the omission — sometimes in jest, sometimes genuinely. User @Zenbridge tweeted, "counted about 47 separate seconds you could have cut instead of the kiss that was promoted all week" and argued "you need to GIF that out or splice it into a NFL game." 

User @MingTatong, meanwhile, simply wrote, "Where is the KISS?????? How could you do this to us?"

"CSI: Vegas" is set to run for a total of 10 episodes (via IMDb), so fans' hopes for some genuine on-screen affection between Grissom and Sara have six more episodes to have those aspirations met.