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The Supernatural Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In its hefty 15 seasons on the air, "Supernatural" has introduced one of the biggest slates of characters TV has ever seen. With a revolving door of guest stars and a premise that kills off fan-favorites at every turn, there are a whole lot of characters fans can relate to in The CW's supernatural drama. Even the show's leads are killed off more than a few times throughout the series' run. Yet despite Dean and Sam Winchester ultimately losing almost every single loved one they've ever known, it doesn't stop the brothers from making new allies and loved ones that the fandom falls in love with in turn.

Although there's this heaping pile of guest stars, even characters we've only met once or twice manage to leave their marks on the show, the fandom, and its characters. So, with only 12 zodiac signs and an endless supply of characters, which "Supernatural" characters fit in with each sign? In some cases, like the Winchester brothers themselves, their canon birthdays do the work. 

So, between characters whose zodiacs we know for a fact, and filling in the rest of the blanks with the help of zodiac.com, here's the "Supernatural" character you are, based on your zodiac sign. Don't worry if you didn't get your favorite — there are certainly a whole host of recurring and single characters to choose from.

Capricorn: Gordon Walker

Gordon Walker's tragic fate happens when someone is so keen on rules and a need to succeed that they get lost in it. Much like a Capricorn, Dean and Sam's once hunter ally turns into a foe when he sees the world in black and white and refuses to bend on his preconceived notions. He doesn't back down from a fight — not even when he goes up against other hunters. In his eyes, monsters are monsters no matter what form they take or what ethics they possess.

Yet, just as much as he needs himself to operate a certain way, Gordon holds those standards to everyone else, particularly hunters, and lets the hate build up so much he becomes the very thing he fought against — literally. In his quest to take down Sam Winchester, Gordon becomes the very vampires he hunts against, partaking in one last crusade before his plan to die, rather than live as a monster. He's loyal to those he cares about, but the mission comes first. Now, of course, most Capricorns don't meet Gordon's fate as they're adaptable when the situation calls for it and don't tend to fall so deeply into obsession. If Gordon had made just a few different choices, he could have been a much better hunter and avoided his tragic fate.

Libra: Adam Milligan

Because his brothers left him to hang out in hell for a decade, we never got to know Adam a whole lot, but Adam is a born Libra with a September 29, 1990 birthday. But in the short period we get to know the youngest Winchester, we see his keen sense of diplomacy on display. After he gets chucked into hell in the same meat suit as Michael, the duo develops an amicable relationship where they share who drives the wheel of the body. And hey, making a compromise with an archangel is a pretty impressive feat.

Like many Libras, Adam may put on a bravado, but all he ever wants is to be accepted — by his dad, his brothers, and the angels. And that need to feel like he belongs makes it so easy for the angels to manipulate. He's felt at odds with everyone his whole life, and despite the Winchester brothers' strong sense of family, it never seems to extend to their surprise brother. 

Aries: Jo Harvelle

It's hard to think about Jo Harvelle's tragic fate without shedding more than a few tears, but there's no denying that her defining characteristic is independence; that particular trait makes perfect sense as an actual Aries sign. With an April 7, 1985 birthday, she's quite a competitive firecracker. When we first meet Jo, her dream is to follow in her father's footsteps as a hunter despite it being her mother's worst nightmare. She won't settle for anything less than precisely what she's envisioned for herself, and she'll unleash her fury on anyone who tries to get in their way — even Dean Winchester. 

Once Jo is your friend, she's your friend for life (albeit, as short as hers ended up being). Jo won't rest unless she's accomplished all of her goals, which certainly played a part in her short lifespan. She won't walk away from a fight, even if she's not equipped to deal with it, and her impulsivity gets her in trouble often. In the "Supernatural" world, bravery is almost always a death sentence, but there's no doubt that our favorite Aries helped save the world. 

Gemini: Charlie Bradbury

When it comes to Charlie Bradbury, she can seem like an entirely different person based on who she's with and what the situation is — just like a Gemini. The ability to chameleon herself to whatever a problem requires makes her the dynamic hunter she is. Charlie operates daily like she's had ten cups of coffee, and her wit is unparalleled. And when it comes to her positivity, she has quite a bit more in her arsenal than your typical jaded hunter. Charlie is just as happy slumming it on her own as she is with the people she loves.

Of course, she is always happy to find herself in a romantic fling of the week. She's delighted to frolic with a fairy or a human — Charlie doesn't discriminate. Like any good Gemini, her energy and intellect are ones for the books. Basically? You want Charlie, and a Gemini, on your side to get out of any sticky situation with stellar communication and being quick on their toes.

Sagittarius: Mary Winchester

Not many people get out of the hunting life, even for a few years, but Mary Winchester isn't going to let her dad's expectations dictate her life —  after all, she's a Sagittarius

Born on December 5th in 1954, Mary is about as independent as they come. While Sagittarius signs are known for their individuality, Mary wanting nothing more than a normal life is a trailblazing dream when it comes to the Campbell family. Let's just say hunting is in the Winchester brother's blood long before they, or their father, even learn of the existence of the paranormal.

Mary has a lot of love to give, but she also doesn't sugarcoat anything — which makes her resurrection in her now-adult children's lives difficult, to say the least. Mary Winchester knows who she is, and she doesn't need anyone else's blessing to be okay with that. Yet Mary isn't the only canonical Sagittarius in the series. Our favorite prophet Kevin falls into that category, too, and it's not difficult to see how the bookish yet independent teenager matches up to our favorite momma bear.

Pisces: Bobby

Bobby Singer may act like the tough, no-nonsense trucker he pretends to be, but deep down, he's one of the biggest softies on the show. He has a sense for people that's unparalleled in the show, giving off a pretty significant Pisces vibe. If there's one guy's opinion you want in the heat of the moment, Bobby is the hunter you turn to. Hunters from all around the country look up to him to offer advice on situations, even if he's a thousand miles away. Though with his impeccable intuition comes a high capacity for learning and retaining information.

Now, Bobby can spend all the time in the world secluded in his salvage yard, but if you get him into a small group of people he cares about, he enjoys spending time with them and just existing — no big conversations necessary. But though he doesn't often say a whole lot, Bobby has big thoughts when he thinks someone isn't doing the right thing. He lost touch with John because Bobby was all too happy to call him out on his awful parenting — and because John knew Bobby was right and was unwilling to change, it was easier to cut him out.

Leo: Crowley

When it comes to the fiery personality of a Leo, who better to fit the mold than the actual king of hell. But despite being a demon, even Crowley has somewhat of a moral compass — as flawed as it may be. Crowley certainly thinks a lot of himself and isn't afraid to laud his accomplishments. There's a reason people talk about the villain monologue foiling their plans. They just have to boast about their evil plans, giving their foes the ability to defeat them. But then again, he's also willing to get his hands dirty instead of forcing his minions to do all of his dirty work. 

When it comes to Crowley, his own best interests always come first, but he'll certainly consider others if their needs fall into his own. However, he does enjoy getting the last laugh and doesn't shy away from screwing over his enemies. Crowley is probably the flashiest guy in the "Supernatural" canon, and he expects others to share his keen sense of grandeur. As the hard-fought king of hell, he knows how to lead — even when his minions are demons. Despite being a villain, and backstabbing the Winchesters on more than one occasion, he still manages to schmooze them into following his plan. 

Virgo: Castiel

Who else could be a Virgo besides our favorite angel of the Lord, Castiel? While he may seem surly and non-verbose at first, it has meaning when he does say something. However, despite his initial icy demeanor, when you get to know him, you'll never have a more loyal friend. Name a guy who will defy the actual heavens for someone he's known less than a year. Nope, that's just Castiel. And while he's capable of a fair bit of flexibility when the moment (or a battle) calls for it, typically Cas tends to enjoy meticulously planning each aspect of a battle and making sure he maintains control.

While he likes to maintain control over situations, he destroys himself when he messes up — often. Cas goes off the deep end when people get hurt by him, and he expects those he loves to act the same way. Nothing cuts deeper to Cas than feeling betrayed by Dean, and though he's a hard angel to shake, he has his breaking point. Cas loves the beauty of nature and humanity, and is more than happy to chill with the bees. Cas loves to learn new things, even when it's pop culture nuggets like facts about Beyoncé. He's very good at it, but boy does he try. Cas loves being with a small group of people, but a raging party is his nightmare — and he's been in the worst parts of heaven.

Taurus: Sam Winchester

When it comes to intelligence and trustworthiness, Sam Winchester's name comes to mind. Of course, that might be because he's a born Taurus. He's built like a bull (or a moose), so his May 2, 1983, makes perfect sense. Sam never wanted the hunting life, and he spent the better part of his early adult life fighting against the family business. As his namesake implies, Sam is fairly bull-headed, but he's also not completely averse to changing his tune on his beliefs if someone challenges his viewpoint in a way that makes sense. In fact, he's usually the first to hear people (or monsters) out and give them a chance to prove his preconceived notions wrong.

Unlike his brother, Sam doesn't take very many breaks from his work ethic — unless he's high on demon blood, but we don't like to talk about that. He's probably the most hardworking guy in the "Supernatural" canon, but he's also one of the most sensual characters. At first glance, Dean may appear to be the playboy, but Sam's raunchy scenes are nothing to blush at. And if you lie to Sam Winchester, he's not likely to let it go anytime soon. You may notice some similarities between Sam and his pseudo son Jack. Well, that's because both of them are Taureans.

Cancer: Gabriel

Gabriel may be emotionally stifled with his own family drama, but despite being an angel, no one is quite as well-versed in the human psyche as our favorite fake trickster god. Like any good Cancer, he doesn't need to know someone at all to get a deep feeling about who people are. And there's no arguing that he's the most imaginative angel — creating entire worlds in people's minds to make a point. He has a wicked, albeit moderately juvenile, sense of humor. However, he isn't afraid to tell Kali exactly how he feels without the frills of the mind games he enjoys playing on humans — especially the Winchesters.

At the end of the day, when the situation calls for seriousness and loyalty, despite his better judgment, Gabe will do the right thing. He tries to stay out of the drama with his family and avoid confrontation, but when he absolutely has to pick a side, he works it out. Yet even when he's helping save the world, he's still going to do it with his usual dramatic and humorous flair. Casa erotica VHS, anyone?

Aquarius: Dean Winchester

So, why exactly is Dean's birthday on January 24th? Well, because creator Eric Kripke's wife shares that birthday and the writer wanted to pay tribute to her. Of course, that makes Dean an Aquarius — which makes sense due to the sign's individuality. 

More than anyone else in the series, Dean changes the most between his season 1 and season 15 selves. In fact, if you put the two together, they'd almost seem like different people. But more than that? No one wants to change the world and fight against the apocalypse more than Dean Winchester. He doesn't care whether or not God set up the system of false free will — he'll fight for it anyway, even if it's a lost cause. 

Gearing up for the "Supernatural" season finale, Cas tells Dean, "I cared about the whole world because of you." Whoa. If that's not a strong statement on Dean's desire to save and protect not only the people he loves but everyone, what possibly can? From a very young age, Dean has known that when he goes down, he'll go down swinging. Because as long as there's someone to save, he'll be doing the saving, and life isn't long for a hunter. Between selling his soul for his brother and sacrificing himself for both strangers and loved ones, no one loves harder than Dean Winchester — even if he won't admit it to himself. Of course, Sam's long-time girlfriend shares a birthday with Dean (and Kripke's wife) and, with it, some eerily similar characteristics. 

Scorpio: Lucifer

Ah, Lucifer. Some characters give Scorpios a bad name, and good ol' Luci is certainly one of them. Satan is a pure result of daddy issues gone because, in his eyes, God's focus on humanity was a pure betrayal. Because of his individuality and inability to blindly follow the rules like his siblings, and he loathes that his siblings don't break from the angel bible and try to find themselves. As much as he loathes Cas, he also respects him probably the most out of all his siblings because Cas actually forges his own trail like Lucifer.

There are plenty of moments where Lucifer is redeemable and self-aware that he can't keep going like this and that what he's doing is wrong. Still, every time he gets close to getting in touch with his emotions, he immediately hardens himself and does something particularly evil. While Scorpios make incredible friends, Lucifer never really lets someone in long enough to develop a relationship — and he more than burned his relationships with his siblings. Hurting them does typically bum him out, but he fills himself with so much hate that it doesn't take much to power through and make himself seem like he absolutely has to.