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Twitter Is Shell Shocked By This Locke & Key Season 2 Episode

"Locke & Key" Season 2 has been a hot topic among fantasy horror aficionados as of late. Some fans have been divided by characters like Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott), others have been calling out the season's biggest problems, and others still have been moved to tears by a certain scene. In other words, "Locke & Key" has the rare gift of keeping people talking — and with a third season on the way, chances are that viewers aren't about to stop discussing the show any time soon.

Now, a new viewpoint in the hot "Locke & Key" discussion has emerged on social media, as fans are pointing out that a very specific episode is tearing them apart — which is a pretty impressive achievement, considering the many distressing moments the show sprinkles over the course of the season. Let's take a look at the "Locke & Key" Season 2 episode that has been shocking Twitter. Spoilers ahoy!

Episode 7 is shaking some Locke & Key fans to their core

The seventh episode of "Locke & Key" Season 2, "Best Laid Plans," has been taking its toll on fans. User @98sarahm described the experience of watching this episode by tweeting an image of Monica Geller in "Friends" lamenting how "everything's just falling apart." Other Twitter users promptly joined in. "I'm there and I'm have to pause to get myself together!! Omg!!" user @tonya_gatlin tweeted about the episode. User @_takojae had an even harder time watching. "I had to pause, close Netflix, take a shower break and prepare myself mentally to open Netflix again," they wrote. 

The episode in question revolves around the gang's dangerous plot to stop Gabe (Griffin Gluck), and as the title implies, everything goes wrong in the worst imaginable way ... and in the end, Gabe forces Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) to forge a new key that'll make the antagonist more powerful than ever. The whole thing is a rollercoaster ride that starts and ends on a chilling note, and leaves the protagonists' backs well and truly against the wall. It's a lot to take in, so it's actually pretty understandable that people feel they need a quick break after such a barrage of despair.