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The Batman Villain You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Plenty of superheroes have impressive villains, but Batman's are some of the all-time best. Encompassing tragic figures, hardened criminals, and absolute lunatics, this rogues' gallery provides the Caped Crusader with an endlessly eclectic array of foes. These bad guys don't just stand opposed to Batman, however — they stand on their own, as fully realized characters with their own journeys. Some of the best have even managed to leave the pointy-eared hero's story altogether; 2019's "Joker" earned mountains of money, awards, and acclaim with nary a Dark Knight in sight.

Unsurprisingly, pretty much everyone at all interested in superheroes has a favorite Batman villain. There are plenty of reasons to hold these charismatic characters in high esteem, but your choice of favorite often reflects deeply rooted aspects of your personality. As millions of astrology enthusiasts around the world know, the zodiac reveals personal truths in a similarly powerful manner. We decided to compare the two, and we found that Batman's bad guys map neatly onto the classical astrological signs. Ready for astral revelation, Gotham City-style? Then read on to discover which Batman villain you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Kite-Man

You might be surprised to find yourself represented by a guy named Kite-Man, Aries. But in fact, fiery folks born between March 21 and April 19 should be proud to claim Kite-Man as one of their own. Taking on Gotham City with armies, superpowers, and criminal connections is easy. Taking on Gotham with nothing but kites, however? That takes Aries-style guts.

Kite-Man knows he's seen as "a joke." But as he asks his son in 2017's "Batman" #30, who cares? This is not a flippant stance — Kite-Man is well acquainted with loss, failure, and pain. But he'll always get back in the fight because he understands that losing is the only path to growth. As brave Aries knows well, people who never risk looking ridiculous never learn anything worthwhile. 

Sure, Kite-Man's a joke. He's also gone further, flown higher, and achieved more than those on the ground ever will. Risk doesn't just appeal to Aries' thrill-seeking tendencies — it speaks to their desire for a life well-lived. Just as this aerodynamic antagonist throws himself into the wind, so too do Aries hurl themselves into life in search of greater glory. Kite-Man's catchphrase says it best: "Hell yeah."

Capricorn: Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is known for two things — his icy inventions and his desire to save his wife, Nora, from a deadly disease. As she languishes in cryogenic stasis, he works tirelessly to find a cure — eventually from a sub-zero suit after a devastating lab accident. It's no matter. For Nora, he'll do whatever it takes — even if that means becoming one of Gotham's most infamous criminals.

This might sound a little familiar, Capricorn. Folks born between December 22 and January 19 are characterized by their utterly enormous work ethic, perfectionist tendencies, and deeply considered morals. Responsibility is at the heart of Capricorn's world. Without it, there's no real meaning, and without meaning, there can't be the forward motion that structures a Capricorn's life. Mr. Freeze is wholly defined by that endless march. In fact, before "Batman: The Animated Series" reinvented him as Nora's devoted husband, he was a lot less popular. A bad guy with a snowy gimmick is fine but doesn't exactly set the comic book world on fire. A bad guy who will do anything to hold his wife's hand again, however? That's interesting. Thus, Season 1's "Heart of Ice" remade Batman's wintry opponent into the consummate Capricorn. 

Though you shouldn't let your perseverance transform you into a winter-themed bad guy, you should be proud of yourself, Capricorn. Anyone would be lucky to be your Nora.

Cancer: The Mad Hatter

Cancer, born between June 22 and July 22, is distinguished by deep reserves of empathy, love, and patience. These lovely traits are further enhanced by enormous emotional intelligence. As anyone who's ever been friends with a Cancer can testify, trying to hide exciting news, a glum mood, or a personal tragedy from them is impossible. At some point, you're going to ask a pointed question because a Cancer will "just have a feeling" something's up. Unfortunately, this sensitivity can curdle into something rancid. In a worst-case scenario, a Cancer can even become a hyper-possessive control freak like Jervis Tetch, Gotham City's infamous Mad Hatter.

"Batman: The Animated Series" sums the Mad Hatter up in Season 1's "Mad as a Hatter." Like most Cancers, his animated incarnation has a marked interest in other people's emotions — specifically, how he can control them through advanced neurotechnology. He's further defined by his obsessive passion for Alice, a bright-eyed co-worker with a fiancé Tetch loathes on sight. Here, we see how Cancer's loving tendencies can become manipulative, which pairs especially poorly with the blinding intensity of their emotions. Consumed by his own desires, the Mad Hatter brainwashes dozens of people, flees to a Wonderland-themed amusement park, and kidnaps Alice to serve as his mind-controlled paramour. Remember, Cancer: You have to make sure you invite people into your Wonderland, rather than force them.

Taurus: The Penguin

Taurus, born between April 20 and May 20, is a creature of luxury. Though Gotham is full of bad guys with fat bank accounts, the Penguin is distinguished by his distinctly Taurean taste for the finer things in life. Often depicted as having been born to a prominent Gotham family, he's had access to opulence since infancy, and he continues to define himself by his relationship to it. He might get beaten up by Batman on a regular basis, but you can bet he'll go down wearing a tuxedo, top hat, and monocle.

Taurus is further defined by consistency and groundedness. While this can tip over into stubbornness, it's also the sort of quality that gets things done. The Penguin's most prominent venture, the Iceberg Lounge, encapsulates this steady drive. Night after night, he uses this posh Gotham nightclub to gather information, take care of his enemies, and rake in money. Operating something like this is less flashy than, say, challenging Batman to a deathmatch in the streets. But it's also a whole lot harder for do-gooders to take down, and as a result, it's a uniquely effective means of villainy. This is the kind of practical thinking that gets Taurus where they want to go — though in the Penguin's case, a few detours to Arkham Asylum are usually made along the way.

Libra: Talia al Ghul

You've probably played the role of mediator many times before, Libra. People born between September 23 and October 23 are often the glue holding group projects, workplaces, and families together. Their empathy allows them to understand multiple points of view while their even temper keeps them objective. Talia al Ghul is very familiar with this position. As the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, she's been raised in the shadows of international villainy. As Batman's occasional lover and the mother of his child, Damian Wayne, she's intimately linked to one of the DC Universe's most prominent do-gooders. The fact that she's still alive at all is a testament to her well-balanced Libra nature.

None of this has made Talia's life any easier. Libra's conciliatory tendencies can be abused by people looking to walk all over them, as Ra's has done to Talia since birth. In 2018's "Batman" #35, Talia recalls being forced to fight from the day she took her first step. "Sometimes I won," she mused, "sometimes I died." But a Libra is not doomed to mistreatment. With proper support, this sign can establish solid boundaries and remain wonderfully fair-minded. Talia proves this a few pages later after losing a swordfight to Catwoman, who's just become Batman's fiancé. "So this is your betrothed?" Talia asks Batman, bleeding copiously from Selina's final stab. "I like her."

Virgo: The Riddler

You've probably spent a lifetime being called picky, particular, and perfectionistic, Virgo. But people born between August 23 and September 22 aren't persnickety for the sheer sake of it. Their exactitude comes from a deep appreciation of complexity. No Batman villain understands this better than the Riddler. Though he takes things to bloody extremes, you just can't help but admire the Virgo-esque cleverness his gimmick requires. Some guys are content to spray ketchup everywhere and call themselves Condiment King but not the Riddler — he needs to come up with brilliant brainteasers every single time he wants to rob a bank.

This towering work ethic is another classic Virgo trait. At the top of their game, a Virgo can do just about anything: Their high expectations, impeccable planning skills, and phenomenal drive put even the loftiest ambitions within reach. An illuminating example of this arrives in "The War of Jokes and Riddles," a 2017 conflict chronicled in "Batman" #25 through #32. This epic battle between the Riddler and the Joker is a tangle of subterfuge, revenge, and alliance-making, spanning several brutal months. When it finally comes to an end, the Riddler reveals a shocking truth: He orchestrated the entire war to solve the riddle of the Joker's sudden inability to laugh. This effort required a jaw-dropping degree of intelligence, long-term planning, and willpower. In short, it required a Virgo.

Aquarius: Poison Ivy

Aquarius, born between January 20 and February 18, sees beyond the world we live in to the one we should create. Poison Ivy, who longs for a greener planet, is fueled by this sort of visionary fire. Siccing mutated Venus flytraps on people isn't the best way to go about things, but really, who can't sympathize with her desire to bypass the red tape and get something done? You definitely can, Aquarius. As a master of abstract thought, you often find it difficult to bring your lofty ideas down to Earth.

This high-mindedness tends to make Aquarius a bit of an outsider. Poison Ivy's okay with living this way, and you might be too — in fact, you might even enjoy playing the contrarian. But an Aquarius needs people, just like anyone else. Ivy has a soft spot for vulnerable kids forsaken by the system. In 2005's "Gotham Central" #32, she even takes revenge on crooked cops who killed an orphan girl under her care. Her love for Harley Quinn is similarly intense and just as informed by her Aquarian social conscience — to her, the Joker's exploitation of Harley isn't all that different from a sleazy industrialist's exploitation of the Earth. In stories where Harley breaks free of his control, as she does in the 2019 "Harley Quinn" animated series, Ivy is just as delighted to see her beloved grow as an autonomous person as she is to finally be with her.

Sagittarius: Ra's al Ghul

You're a wanderer, Sagittarius, and not just in terms of the physical plane. The cosmic archer, born between November 22 and December 21, is just as interested in an intellectual journey as a globe-trotting one. Ra's al Ghul's gigantic lifespan allows him to fully indulge this urge. He's become a legendary martial artist, honed his expertise in multiple fields, traveled thousands of miles, and changed the flow of history. He's made further notable by his genuine respect for Batman, whom he refers to as "Detective." As a true Sagittarius, Ra's just can't help but admire his enemy's brilliant mind.

One doesn't climb to the top of the villainous heap through learning alone, however. Ra's al Ghul is a ruthless mastermind who treats the people closest to him like tools and everyone else like insects. You're not necessarily that cold, Sagittarius, but you do have a tendency to detach from the people around you. This aloofness keeps you free to explore all manner of interests, but it can also lead to intense loneliness. A life of the mind is a beautiful thing, but you're still a human being with a heart in need of companionship. Take inspiration from Ra's al Ghul's commitment to bettering himself, but leave behind the punishing path of the loner — especially because you probably don't have access to an immortality-ensuring Lazarus Pit.

Scorpio: Bane

You're a bit of an enigma, Scorpio. People born between October 24 and November 21 are an aloof bunch, possessing powers of observation that tend to make others uncomfortable. Yet Scorpio is also deeply charismatic, which frequently leads to popularity. Bane occupies a similarly complex place in Batman's rogues' gallery. He's best known as the massively strong brute who breaks Batman's back in 1993's "Knightfall" arc, yet his vast intellect is his true superpower. Bane evades easy categorization — a fact that he, like any clever Scorpio, uses to his advantage.

Give Scorpio an hour with a person, and they'll know them inside and out. This sort of keen insight is what makes Bane truly formidable — a fact Batman knows well. 2019's "City of Bane" arc, which unfolds in "Batman" #75 through #85, sees the villain construct a vast and multilayered plan to break Batman's spirit in every possible way. This takes an almost unimaginably large amount of manipulation on Bane's part, all of which relies upon his insight into Gotham's good and bad guys' psyches. As he pulls these strings, he maintains a façade of total ineptitude — Commissioner Gordon, who's been "personally overseeing" Bane's detention, insists in "Batman" #59 that the bad guy is barely capable of talking, let alone masterminding an evil plan. Violence and ruin ensue, of course. That's what comes from underestimating a Scorpio.

Leo: Catwoman

DC's felonious feline fatale is, of course, a Leo. Those born between July 23 and August 22 are regal, fierce, and proud. This ironclad sense of self means, despite her hardscrabble backstory, Catwoman knows exactly what she's worth – as many diamonds, priceless artifacts, and stacks of cash as she can steal. As this sign loves luxury nearly as much as the limelight, "glamorous jewel thief" might actually be the ideal Leo job. 

Selina Kyle isn't interested in changing her ways for anyone, and neither is Leo. Sure, 2018's "Batman" #44 finds her engaged to Bruce Wayne, chummy with Alfred, and so largely reformed that "antihero" might be too dark a descriptor. But despite this straight-and-narrow path — not to mention her access to the Wayne fortune — she makes a point of breaking into an exclusive bridal boutique to steal her wedding gown. She could afford it, but that's not the point. A Leo wants to do things her way. 

Leo is further informed by a deep sense of purpose. Selina's desire to protect Gotham's East End in 2002's landmark "Catwoman" series emblematizes this drive. Having once trod these mean streets herself, she knows their cruelties go unavenged, and so she decides to do something about it. In this, Selina is a vision of Leo at their best — passionate, independent, and absolutely certain of what matters most, whether she's in the gutters or surrounded by all that glitters.

Gemini: The Joker

At his most chaotic, the Joker is more like a force of nature than a person. You might've been described the same way at some point, Gemini. People born between May 21 and June 21 are dynamic, creative, and talkative. They can break the ice at any party. They've got a fascinating fact for every occasion. They find the entire world interesting, from the grandest philosophical ideas to the tiniest details of history. Gemini is never bored because they're never boring. This kind of go-go-go dynamism defines the Joker, who never stops finding new and creative ways of terrorizing Gotham City. 

Have you ever noticed yourself taking on your friends' hobbies, opinions, or sayings, Gemini? The Joker is similarly adaptable, to the point that he lacks a definitive origin. "Batman: The Killing Joke" famously suggests a past in stand-up comedy, but it also makes it clear that the Joker might've cooked this backstory up to amuse himself. There is no center to the Joker, save mayhem, which he expresses through his eternal battle with Batman. In their ceaseless dance of change, action, and affability, Geminis can similarly leave their soul behind. Those aligned with the cosmic twins have got to know who they are on their own and not just who they are in a room full of people. Luckily, most Geminis aren't inclined to unleash deadly, smile-inducing gas upon the public whenever they get twitchy.

Pisces: Harley Quinn

In "Batman: The Animated Series," her original stomping grounds, Harley Quinn is defined by her starry-eyed, wrong-headed love for the Joker. In return, he treats her like an irritating pet — and only on his good days. This doesn't bother her, though it should. She's a Pisces at heart, and like all those born between February 19 and March 20, she's exceptionally good at dwelling in dreams. In fact, at this point in her history, Harley amounts to a Piscean cautionary tale. Her selfness nature, deep wells of emotion, and adaptability blind her to the true misery of her situation.

Don't fret, Pisces — Harley's come a long way since then. Today, she's best defined by the sign's flexibility, which has allowed her to embrace an independent life. Things have gone so well, in fact, that the entire world now knows her better as Gotham's wackiest queenpin, rather than the Joker's mistreated arm candy, thanks to productions like 2020's "Birds of Prey" and 2019's animated "Harley Quinn" series. She's also been able to plumb the Piscean depths of her emotions in a healthy way, especially through her relationship with Poison Ivy. Let this serve as inspiration, Pisces. No matter how far you might sink into darkness, your open-hearted nature will always lead you back to the light ... but maybe stop short of blowing up a chemical plant to symbolize your success.