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Why Monica Raymund Could Return In Chicago Fire Season 10

Since its debut in 2012, the "One Chicago" universe has grown into a staple of NBC's TV programming. In total, "One Chicago" is comprised of the shows "Chicago Fire," "Chicago PD," "Chicago Med," and "Chicago Justice," each of which chronicles both the jobs and daily lives of those working in a different public sector in the city of Chicago. While each of these series has since come to comprise part of an interconnected universe, franchise progenitor "Chicago Fire" is, itself, still going strong, airing thus far for a total of more than 200 episodes across 10 seasons (via IMDB).

Naturally, given the breadth of "Chicago Fire," it's no surprise that the series has undergone its fair share of changes over the years. Actors like Steven R. McQueen and Lauren German, for example, have come and gone from the show's central cast. Their losses, however — after appearances in two and three seasons respectively — were arguably less impactful than that of Monica Raymund, who played Gabby Dawon, one of the series' main players for six seasons in total prior to her leaving the cast.

Now, in a recent Deadline interview about the departure her co-star and TV husband Jesse Spencer, who portrayed firefighter Matt Casey, Raymund revealed that a return to "Chicago Fire" may well be in her future.

Raymund is open to more Chicago Fire

The episode of "Chicago Fire" that aired on October 20 marked the big departure of Jesse Spencer as longtime series staple Matt Casey, who concluded a nearly 10-year run upon his decision to leave the series. Spencer might not be gone forever, though. While describing Matt's exit, Spencer mentioned that "he's leaving and he's going for three years but is he? We don't know," leaving the door wide open for Casey to return (though this would likely be in a more limited capacity than before).

Likewise, Monica Raymund — who also spoke to Deadline about Spencer's departure in the same article — mentioned that the return of Gabby Dawson may also be imminent, if it isn't already planned. Raymund already guest starred in "Chicago Fire" Seasons 7 and 8, in the immediate wake of her departure. She also revealed to Deadline, meanwhile, that she was slated to appear toward the end of Season 9, too, but restrictions resultant from the ongoing pandemic got in the way.

"I love Derek, he's my boy," she said, referring to "Chicago Fire" executive producer Derek Haas. "I never close the door on Gabriela Dawson. The door is always open. I never say no to an opportunity to tell stories."

Raymund, then, seems to have left "Chicago Fire" on good terms with the series' staff, and given her publicly-stated interest, could very well return in the near future.