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The First Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 Trailer Promises A Wild Adventure

The battle for Eternia rages on in a new trailer for Part 2 of Netflix's "Masters of the Universe: Revelation's" first season

The first five episodes of creator Kevin Smith's update to the classic cartoon's legacy upended fan expectations, when it seemingly killed off both He-Man (Chris Wood) and Skeletor (Mark Hamill) in the first episode. Much of the following five episodes concerned the quest of Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) on a journey to restore the Sword of Power, which was split in half by the magical explosion that claimed the lives of both hero and villain. Teela is able to complete her quest, and in doing so also located He-Man's alter ego Prince Adam in the paradise of Preternia. She convinces him to return to Eternia and the Hall of Wisdom, but once they arrive, Skeletor emerges from hiding and stabs Prince Adam, claiming the sword and its power for himself.

Now, it's time for the adventure to continue.

The new "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" trailer shows the heroes pushing back against Skeletor

The spot begins with a reminder of who ended the first half of the season ascendant, with Hamill's horned, fiery Super-Skeletor intoning that he is, in essence, the sole Master of the Universe now. "I finally know the real secret of Greyskull," he promises. "There is only Power. And now, I have the Power."

But there are other powers hinted at in the trailer. In order to take back Castle Greyskull, it's implied that Teela will have to learn sorcery herself. One brief shot seems to show her healing Prince Adam. What's more, the trailer seems to indicate that Skeletor's understanding of the Sword of Power is limited. The longest scene in the trailer shows Prince Adam explaining to Skeletor that the sword was just a conduit — he's able to call upon its Power even without it. But the power may need the conduit in order to be controlled, because when he does so, he turns into a Hulk-like version of He-Man, powerful and fast, but also seemingly feral.

Much of the rest of the trailer promises epic animated action, with large-scale battles between the forces of good and evil fought throughout Eternia. A more standard version of He-Man is seen, but given the twists and turns the series has sprung so far, expect there to be more than meets the eye to whatever way the final battle goes down. 

The second part of Season 1 of "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" will premiere on Netflix November 23.