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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Season 1 Part 2 - What We Know So Far

Contains spoilers for "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" Season 1, Part 1

In the classic cartoon, "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," things are pretty black and white. Prince Adam/He-Man is the universal protector of Eternia, where he goes head-to-head with the villainous forces of Skeletor. Friends and other enemies are thrown into the mix, but as a viewer, you know that good will always triumph. That's not necessarily the case with the newest sequel series to come to Netflix, "Masters of the Universe: Revelation."

The show has proven it's not afraid to go in some new directions with the first five episodes. In just the first episode, both He-Man and Skeletor perish, leaving their companions left to pick up the pieces in a world that's increasingly losing magic. The idea that He-Man could theoretically die is what attracted executive producer Kevin Smith to the project in the first place. There are actual stakes, and the fifth episode ends on a massive cliffhanger for where the future of the series could go. 

Seeing as how the first batch of episodes is labeled as "Part 1," there obviously has to be a "Part 2" coming down the pipeline at some point. Here's everything we know so far about "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" Season 1, Part 2.

What's the release date for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 1, Part 2?

Most of the time, you have to wait about a year for the next season of a Netflix series to drop. However, "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" is a bit different. The five episodes out right now are merely the first half of the 10-episode Season 1 order the show received. That means it shouldn't take quite as long for the remaining five to come out. Seeing how it should be pretty quick to binge-watch five 30-minute episodes, you may wait anxiously for the remaining story to come to fruition. 

It turns out the remaining five episodes may come out sooner rather than later. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Smith mentioned, "You've seen part 1, I've seen part 2." The fact Smith has seen Part 2 already hints that it's already complete. It's just a matter of when Netflix wants to release the episodes. As such, we wouldn't be surprised if Part 2 receives a release date before the end of 2021. 

Who's in the cast for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 1, Part 2?

"Masters of the Universe: Revelation" defied expectations by getting rid of He-Man and Skeletor, voiced by Chris Wood and Mark Hamill, respectively, in the first episode. Don't worry; they come back later in the series, but for the most part, the first five episodes follow Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) as she sets out to restore the two pieces of the Sword of Power. For Part 2 of Season 1, it would make sense for all three of these voice actors to return even though Prince Adam suffered a severe stab wound in the last episode. Naturally, people don't always stay dead in cartoons, so rest assured, he'll be back in some form.

Other characters and their respective voice actors who will likely return for Part 2 include Evil-Lyn (Lena Headey), Cringer (Stephen Root), Orko (Griffin Newman), Man-at-Arms (Liam Cunningham), Beast Man (Kevin Michael Richardson), and the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull (Susan Eisenberg). Executive producer Kevin Smith also gave his family and friends work throughout the series. His "Jay and Silent Bob" co-star Jason Mewes voices Stinkor, while his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, offers her talents for Illena.

What's the plot for Masters of the Universe: Revelation Season 1, Part 2?

In five episodes, "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" has completely changed what's possible within this series. The final episode ends with Prince Adam coming back to life, and just as he's about to call upon the Sword of Power, Skeletor emerges from Evil-Lyn's staff. The villain doesn't waste any time and promptly stabs Prince Adam in what's arguably one of the bloodiest scenes to transpire within a "He-Man" property. Skeletor then shouted, "I have the power," granting him access to magic audiences haven't seen in the franchise so far. 

It has significant implications for the show's future, and Part 2 of Season 1 will undoubtedly explore this massive new threat. There's also the implication Prince Adam died shortly after being brought back to life, but now that magic has likely returned to Eternia, there's probably a way to bring him back once again. 

For the time being, expect the series to continue having Teela as the main protagonist. She came a long way in just five episodes, learning to trust in her friends and the magic surrounding Eternia once again. Part 2 will have even more intense challenges, and fans will undoubtedly wait on bated breath to see it.