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The Freddy Krueger Kill Robert Englund Calls His Favorite

There is no doubt that Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger is easily one of the most iconic horror villains of all time. appearing across nine films and 44 episodes of a spin-off television series, Englund has spent decades as the iconic serial killer. Unsurprisingly, he's killed a lot of people during that time. Like a lot of people. In a lot of creative ways. He's turned himself into a motorcycle and crashed into a semi truck, turned a girl into a giant cockroach and crushed her, and perhaps most iconically, pulled a victim through a television screen. 

Creativity of the murders aside, there's an enormous amount of killing that Robert Englund has been a part of, and there's certainly quite a few scenes that would sear into anyone's memory. However, when asked which Freddy Krueger kill was his favorite, Englund picked a rather obscure death from one of the least popular movies in the franchise.

The most 'politically incorrect' death in the franchise

In an interview with dreadcentral.com, Englund revealed his favorite kill came in the franchise's sixth installment: Freddy's Dead: the Final Nightmare. "It's the boy in part six with the hearing aid," Englund says. "That's a good one. It's so politically incorrect." The kill in question is a character named Carlos, whose death is so absurdly cruel that it's no wonder it stuck around in Englund's mind for so long. 

In the film, Freddy invades Carlos' dream and cuts off the sleeping teen's ear, making him partially deaf. Freddy then gives the boy a hearing aid, which Carlos eagerly puts in before it latches onto his ear and amplifies his hearing to be unbearably loud. Freddy drops a bunch of needles around him, each one sounding like an explosion, and finally finishes Carlos off by scratching a chalkboard until Carlos' head literally explodes. The whole time, Freddy is smiling and hopping around like a cartoon character, and even takes a moment to break the fourth wall and address the audience – it's a really strange sequence all things told. As Englund says, the scene is so absurdly wrong you can't help but remember it, and perhaps that's why it's his favorite Freddy kill of all time.