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Werner Herzog Finally Has The Action Figure He Deserves

Has there ever been a filmmaker who deserved an action figure more than Werner Herzog? After all, this is a man whose very first feature-length film, "Signs of Life," involved a real-life standoff with the Greek military over the use of fireworks, and who once casually shrugged off a shot from an air rifle during an interview (per the BBC). This is a man who once knocked on the window of Joaquin Phoenix's crashed car, gently told the actor to relax, and rescued him from the wreckage (per The Guardian). Most of all, this is a man who's responsible for some of the most impressive documentaries and movies around, from the unflinching "Grizzly Man" – which includes a scene of the visibly shocked director listening to the audio of the main characters' gruesome last moments — to his multiple collaborations and vicious behind-the-scenes battles with actor Klaus Kinski. 

In all honesty, the correct time to immortalize this wild auteur in collectible plastic would have been years and years ago. Fortunately, a particular franchise has now picked up the slack, and we're pleased to report that Werner Herzog finally has the action figure he deserves. 

Werner Herzog's The Mandalorian character gets an action figure

Werner Herzog's turn as the mysterious Client in the first season of the Disney+ "Star Wars" show "The Mandalorian" may be been fairly short-lived, but it finally gave the world the gift it has so sorely lacked: A Herzog-themed action figure (via Comic Book). As befits the man's — and, for that matter, the character's — mysterious and slightly ominous nature, the Client action figure is part of Hasbro's "Star Wars" Black Series, unlike the two Vintage Collection figures it was announced with. 

The figure was announced as part of Week 3 of the "Star Wars"-themed Bring Home the Bounty campaign, and while it doesn't appear to be available for pre-order quite yet, it'll reportedly arrive in 2022. Sure, this means there'll still be a while to wait, but at least you now know that a Werner Herzog action figure is on its way — and doesn't that make the world seem just that little bit brighter?