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Lizzy Caplan Dishes On Her Surprising Favorite Celebrity Conspiracy Theory From Inside Job - Exclusive

Lizzy Caplan's "Inside Job" is precisely the kind of off-the-walls animated comedy we need in 2021, and the series is rife with pop culture parodies and conspiracy theories. Whether it's Oprah being a member of the Illuminati or Taylor Swift's secret identity as a lizard person, every minute of the Netflix series has more delightfully absurd nuggets to devour. 

Caplan's character, Reagan Ridley, works at a secret cabal called Cognito where she gets her mad scientist on by making killer robots all while preventing the world from discovering the existence of some of the world's most ridiculous conspiracies — that all just happen to be true (except that whole flat Earth nonsense). During an exclusive interview with Looper, Caplan dished on which "Inside Job" celebrity conspiracy theory is her favorite homage to the weirdness of pop culture and what it was like working on the show's thematic episodes. 

She was a frozen girl, she said see ya later world

Bringing us straight back to one of the weirdest rumors of the early '00s, Caplan recalled which celebrity conspiracy theory that she enjoyed the most from "Inside Job." She said, "I was just reminded of this, and yes, I would say that the Avril Lavigne being dead thing. I did forget about that, that was the thing." Of course, she's talking about the rumor that a lookalike replaced Avril Lavigne, and she's currently an imposter. There's not a whole lot of meat to this particular conspiracy (that the series does a play on), but it's a fan-favorite nonetheless.

And Caplan's favorite episode? "I would say my favorite thus far would be the lizard people episode. It's an old-school favorite [conspiracy theory] of mine, thinking that the world is run by lizards."

"Inside Job" has a number of thematic episodes — including '80s town and a James Bond spoof. Caplan dished on which one was the most exciting to work on and whether or not any of them particularly challenged her. "I'm really excited to see the '80s one. I have yet to watch that episode, but I loved that episode on the page. I mean, I don't know what actually ended up making it in there, but there's something little sad about Brett Hand's journey in that episode. And I just, I'm excited to see it because I think everything that Clark [Duke] is doing with Brett is hilarious. So there's that, and then the episode, the last one, I believe, where they go back into Reagan's memories in her past. I think that's the last one. I'm dying to see that one and to see how it ended up because it's another one that had moments of real dark sadness to it."

The first 10 episodes of "Inside Job" are now streaming on Netflix.