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Last Kingdom Fans Just Got The Best News

While Netflix has a slew of original TV series, the streaming service has also made a habit of rescuing shows after they are cancelled by other stations. One such series was "Longmire," which Netflix picked up from A&E after three seasons (per Deadline) to give it an additional three seasons, as well as "Lucifer," which got a reprieve when it was cancelled by Fox after three seasons (per Deadline), only recently wrapping up its sixth and final season on Netflix. One of the most prominent shows to benefit from this was "The Last Kingdom." The show, which follows the exploits of a Saxon-born, Dane-raised warrior named Uhtred fighting on behalf of those he cares for as he yearns to reclaim his childhood home, was initially a BBC Two production (per Entertainment Weekly), running for two seasons there before Netflix took the show under its wing and made it a Netflix Original.

The show's upcoming fifth season had been announced as its last, leaving fans distraught but eager to see how the show was going to wrap things up. However, these fans have just received the best news from the people involved in the show. Because while Season 6 is still not in the cards, something just as exciting is now on the way.

Season 5 will not (quite) be the end of the story

Netflix has announced that they will be making a feature film of "The Last Kingdom" to cap off the series, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

The movie, which will be called "Seven Kings Must Die," will begin production in early 2022 in Budapest. Alexander Dreymon, who plays Uhtred, will reprise the role for the film, and was the one who broke the news at the London MGM Comic-Con. The film will be written by Martha Hillier, who penned both the fourth season premiere and the fourth season finale, among other episodes, and will be directed by Edward Bazalgette, who also directed those same episodes, and has also worked on shows such as "Doctor Who" and "The Witcher."

The beginning of the film's production will line up with the release of the show's final season on Netflix. Executive Producer Nigel Merchant, who has been with the show since the beginning, promised that the final season would be a satisfying end to the show, but said that more stories were always there to tell.

While cast members for the movie have not been announced yet (and probably depend on who might die off in the upcoming Season 5), it has been confirmed that Dreymon will not be the only performer from the show returning for the movie. The film itself will be two hours long.

All four seasons of "The Last Kingdom" are currently available on Netflix.