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The Rory Plot Hole From Lucifer Season 6 That Still Bothers Fans

After six impossible seasons, the supernatural drama "Lucifer" has finally come to an end. The creatively ambitious TV show, which follows the Devil AKA Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) after he's abandoned hell to run a nightclub in Los Angeles, survived death twice during its run. The show premiered on Fox in 2016 and ran for three seasons as a crime procedural before being canceled by the network. Fortunately, Netflix quickly stepped in to save the show, expanding the limits of what the series could do. Although its super-sized fifth season was originally intended to be the show's last as well, the powers that be ultimately changed their minds and renewed "Lucifer" for a sixth and truly final 10-episode season.

Released in September, the show's final season explores Lucifer's true calling and life as a parent after his and Chloe's (Lauren German) daughter, Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), travels back in time to confront her father about why he left her before she was born. Insistent that he would never abandon his child the same way that his father abandoned him, Lucifer goes out of his way throughout the season to avoid leaving Rory. In the end, however, it is actually Rory's presence in his life that leads him to realize his calling is to help the lost souls in Hell, which effectively keeps him from being present in her life. After making him promise not to change the timeline, the season concludes with Rory accepting the circumstances of her life and returning to her proper place in the future.

On its own, it's a fairly tidy narrative arc, but now that fans have had time to sit with the season, they're starting to seriously question its Rory storyline.

Why didn't Rory look for Lucifer in Heaven and Hell before traveling through time?

Some fans were confused by "Lucifer" Season 6's overall arc, and have taken to Reddit to discuss their issues with the season's logic. In specific, fans want to know why Rory didn't just travel to Heaven or Hell to look for her father before traveling into the past to confront him. While some argued that nothing more than lazy writing was to blame for the decision, others considered the possibility that Rory didn't yet know how to fly to Hell because she was still quite young for an angel. However, according to one Redditor, Rory's journey through time may have also been the result of a far more simple — and far more human — reason than those previously listed.

"She basically didn't want to see him because she resented his absence in her life," argued u/Low-Stick6746. "When her mother was basically alone on her deathbed without Lucifer by her side, she became so angry she teleported to one of the last points in what she perceived as Lucifer being around. I don't think she went to hell looking for him. I think she went to hell looking specifically for someone to help destroy her father."

It's a strong explanation, one that suggests that Rory never intended to find Lucifer or travel back in time, and only did so because she was upset he wasn't there as Chloe was dying. In other words, it may not have been a conscious effort on her part. Chloe also told Rory that Lucifer had disappeared, not where he was or what he was doing, which could have played a role in Rory's time-traveling decisions as well.