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Movies Like Edge Of Tomorrow That Sci-Fi Fans Need To See

One thing to be said for Tom Cruise's career thus far is that the actor loves to tackle any genre he can get his hands on. From breathtaking action spectacle like the "Mission: Impossible" franchise to more comedic roles like his bit part in "Tropic Thunder," there's seemingly nothing that Cruise won't do. While he's perhaps more known for those aforementioned films, Cruise also dabbles in sci-fi epics from time to time as well. Arguably one of his most fun and memorable entries in this area is the 2014 science-fiction action film "Edge of Tomorrow."

"Edge of Tomorrow" focuses on William Cage (Cruise), who finds himself caught in a time loop as he and other soldiers on Earth battle again alien invaders called "Mimics." While similar to other time loop films, "Edge of Tomorrow" has fun with its premise and the chemistry between Cruise and co-star Emily Blunt. The movie was well-received when it was released, garnering a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossing over $370 million (via Box Office Mojo).

With that in mind, here are some other sci-fi films that are similar to "Edge of Tomorrow" that fans may enjoy.

Source Code is a time loop movie with a twist

Released in 2011 and starring Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role as Captain Colter Stevens, "Source Code" utilizes a time loop function in the same way that "Edge of Tomorrow" or countless other films have done before it. However, "Source Code" has a unique twist on this age-old trope, revealing near the beginning of the film that none of this is actually a time loop in the traditional sense. Instead, Colter is inside of a repeating simulation, and his goal is to relive the same train bombing event in an attempt to find the terrorist and identify them.

While in and of itself, "Source Code" is not exactly anything groundbreaking, its sleek action and breakneck pace keep things interesting. Its method of time looping is also pretty fresh, and it allows Colter to go through a different kind of character arc while also adding a sense of mystery to his situation. Fans of "Edge of Tomorrow" will probably find a lot to like in this film.

Looper is mind-bending time travel sci-fi at its finest

"Looper" doesn't exactly focus on repeated time loops in the same way that "Edge of Tomorrow" does, but it does have a pretty unique take on time travel. The film, which was released in 2012, focuses on both an older (Bruce Willis) and younger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) version of a man named Joe. The two engage in deadly battle after the older Joe time travels back to stop the rise of a vicious criminal who will eventually kill Joe's wife. "Looper" focuses on time loops in a unique way, while also pointing out the ludicrousness and inherent paradoxes of time travel.

It's a film that isn't really as fun or action-packed as "Edge of Tomorrow." However, for the sci-fi fan looking for thematic depth, solid performances from the entire cast, as well as a mind-bending premise, "Looper" is probably a film that most should have near the top of their list of movies to see as soon as possible.

Tenet is as confusing as it is engrossing

2020's "Tenet" isn't the first time that acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan dabbled in science fiction, but it's arguably his most confusing attempt at the genre. Its ending – and everything else preceding it — is as baffling as it is intriguing, and that's mainly to do with the film's take on how time travel works. After the Protagonist (John David Washington) is recruited into a shadowy organization called Tenet, he learns that time travel is real through means of inverted entropy, or items that are traveling backward through time. It's not exactly the simplest thing to grasp, and it's definitely something that demands repeat viewings.

Nolan's refusal to handhold is almost part of the appeal of "Tenet," however, and it adds to how ambitious the film can oftentimes be. It's not exactly the digestible crowd-pleaser that "Edge of Tomorrow" or other films on this list are, but it does feature trademark Nolan action set pieces that must be experienced to be believed. Love it or hate it, "Tenet" is a sci-fi movie that every fan of the genre should at least view once in their lifetime, preferably on the biggest television they can find.