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The Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5 Scene That Had Fans In Tears

When it comes to medical shows on television, there's no shortage of high-stakes patients whose cases are depicted with such a degree of drama that it elicits emotional responses from fans. "Chicago Med," one of the many series included in the One Chicago franchise, has been doing this for several seasons.

The NBC show once again had fans feeling their feelings with the October 20 episode "Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow" (via IMDb). The fifth episode of Season 7 follows three patients whose medical concerns create dilemmas for the medical staff. A young boy named Alex(played by Patrick Scott McDermott) comes in with his family after his brother hits him in the head with a Nerf gun. Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) and Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) note that he has "glass child syndrome," defined as a person who is related to someone with a disability and appears to be strong but is not in reality (via Arc of Monroe). The doctors make this determination when they learn Patrick's family is more focused on their other son, who has an ADHD misdiagnosis.

Navigating the tricky family dynamic, they must jump into action when Alex's head injury leads to complications. In one scene, a conversation with a scared Patrick was so emotional that it led to "Chicago Med" fans sharing their reactions on social media.

Alex's confession broke Chicago Med fans

NBC's One Chicago tweeted a GIF of "Chicago Med" patient Alex innocently asking, "When they look inside my head, will they see my secrets?" Dr. Charles and Dr. Scott reassure him that both the surgery and his secrets will be safe and add he might feel better if he tells them what's bothering him. He hesitates but then admits that his brother wasn't at fault. Alex intentionally made fun of him to get a violent reaction so his parents would be forced to pay attention to him. The doctors visibly choke up over the confession, so it's not surprising that fans were equally shattered.

Crying emojis, broken hearts, and sympathetic responses from fans including @GeminiPrncs85, @mrschihards, and @shannon_hausen came in abundance following One Chicago's tweet. "This line... Omg, poor kid," tweeted @ChuckieChk. In a similar vein, @Ashl3yFaith echoed other fans who were expressing sympathy over Alex's genuine concern. They wrote, "This broke my heart." Others called it "so painful," though some admitted that it was a "cute" and "great" question.

Fans who live-tweeted the episode had similar emotional reactions, with some sharing their own stories of growing up with a sibling who required more help from their parents. "I love that @NBCChicagoMed is sharing this story. So many families go through this," gushed @MrsAlphaHulk.