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By The Grace Of The Gods Season 2 - What We Know So Far

"By the Grace of the Gods" has a few things in common with other isekai series like "KonoSuba" or "My Isekai Life." Written by author Roy and illustrated by artist Ririnra, the light novel series begins with its main character dying and being reborn in a fantasy type of world. The main character's demise in "By the Grace of the Gods" might even beat "KonoSuba" for the most humiliating death in anime, or at least present itself as a worthy contender for the title. After all, few series have the main character die by an extreme case of sneezing.

Yet the following adventures in "By the Grace of the Gods" have a different tone than "KonoSuba." Notably, instead of frantic comedic hijinks in a fantasy world, "By the Grace of the Gods" is a bit more slice of life, having its hero take his time in the villages he visits and helping out others often without the need for combat. In 2020, the light novels finally received a successful anime adaptation. Fortunately for fans, a new season of the "By the Grace of the Gods" anime has already been announced.

Here's everything we know so far about Season 2.

When is the release date for By the Grace of the Gods Season 2?

"By the Grace of the Gods" Season 1 wrapped up its 12-episode run in late 2020. Fans went for months without any confirmation on a second season. However, that finally changed in June 2021 as the official anime site for "By the Grace of the Gods" broke the news that production on the second season was underway. Unfortunately, an official release date for the new season hasn't been revealed yet. At its earliest, we could expect the new season to debut in 2022, specifically during that year's fall anime season. This would be similar to Season 1, which premiered in October 2020. Otherwise, "By the Grace of the Gods" should come out no later than 2023.

As for the western release of "By the Grace of the Gods" Season 2, Funimation has already confirmed its status. On the same day of Season 2's confirmation, Funimation announced that it would stream the new season as it broadcasts in Japan. Funimation quickly confirming its streaming plans for "By the Grace of the Gods" makes sense as the site streamed the first season and produced the English dub. Although Funimation hasn't announced it yet, it will likely also handle the English dub for the second season.

Who are the characters of By the Grace of the Gods Season 2?

Via Funimation, "By the Grace of the Gods," chief animation director Kaho Deguchi provided a special artwork of the series main character Ryoma to commemorate the production of Season 2. The series initially revolves around Ryoma being reincarnated from a 39-year-old Japanese salaryman into a new world as an 8-year-old boy capable of taming hundreds of slime creatures. While his old, uneventful adult life and death by sneezing hard enough to hit his head and bleed to death is sad, Ryoma's adventures in his new world prove much more fulfilling.

The second season of "By the Grace of the Gods" may also reunite Ryoma with his closest friend Eliaria Jamil and the rest of the Jamil family. Eliaria and her family are some of the friendliest and most skilled people the young adventurer encounters. The official anime site noted that Eliaria goes to the royal capital to focus more on her magic. Ryoma promises that after three years, he will visit her again. Besides revisiting old characters, Season 2 could also feature some new ones only seen in the light novels so far.

What is the plot of By the Grace of the Gods Season 2?

At the end of Season 1 of "By the Grace of the Gods," Ryoma again departs from the Jamil family after averting a potential crisis from dangerous limur birds attacking a village, setting out to build himself a new home. The second season will likely look at what other adventures Ryoma gets himself into with his slime creatures. While the anime has stuck to most of the big plot points from the initial light novels, there are still other volumes that Season 2 could likely use for episodes.

For instance, shortly after leaving the Jamil family in Volume 4 of the novels, Ryoma begins plans for building a second business. He also goes on his first successful solo adventure and even attends a wedding so grand that some of the gods of his world attend (via J-Novel Club). The upcoming second season of the "By the Grace of the Gods" anime will probably cover much of these significant events from the light novels.