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Venom 3 - What We Know So Far

A few short years ago, the notion of a standalone "Venom" film — almost entirely separated from the "Spider-Man" corner of the Marvel world — may have seemed like a bizarre proposition. Now, following the smashing success of "Venom" in 2018 and the release of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" in 2021, the symbiotic antihero has become one of the most essential characters in the Sony-owned Marvel roster, as well as the lead of a billion-dollar franchise (per The Numbers). Tom Hardy now owns the dual roles of Eddie Brock and his alien counterpart in a highly definitive manner, and the future looks incredibly bright for the character.

With that in mind, and as "Let There Be Carnage" fades into the rearview mirror, fans are already speculating about what twists and turns await Venom in an all-but-confirmed third entry. There have been plenty of hints about where the series and the main character could go from here — particularly in the last film's mid-credits twist — but few sure answers. With that in mind, now is the time to dive in and take a look at some key details associated with the currently-unnamed "Venom 3."

Is there a release date for Venom 3?

There is currently no set release date for the third "Venom" movie, and movie release dates have continued shuffling around thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic (albeit, much less than before), so it seems likely that Sony has simply been waiting to hear the latest film's reactions before pulling the trigger on Tom Hardy's next appearance. This seems particularly likely when we consider how intertwined his fate now seems to be with Tom Holland's Spider-Man (more on that later).

It's unclear when release date announcements for "Venom 3" may surface. As of right now, Sony just released "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in December, and the Jared Leto-led "Morbius" movie is set to debut on April 1, 2022, respectively. In the interest of letting those films breathe, it remains entirely possible that we will not learn any definitive announcements for the "Venom 3" theatrical release until both of those moves get their time to shine in theater. 

That said, considering how much Sony has liked surprising audiences with fan service in recent movies, those films may also offer up specific clues as to when "Venom 3" will debut. Only time will tell.

Who might be in the cast of Venom 3?

Currently there are few definitive answers as far as the cast list for a possible third "Venom" film, particularly given that the second film ends with some pretty big changes in the life of Eddie Brock and his titular symbiote. However, no matter what shape the film eventually takes, the most obvious requirement is that it would need Tom Hardy to return, both as Eddie and as the voice of the symbiote that empowers him. Over the course of two installments, Hardy has become the heart and soul of the "Venom" series, so his involvement is all but a sure thing if a third "Venom" happens.

The supporting cast is where things get a little more interesting. Depending on the story, it would probably make sense for Michelle Williams and Reid Scott to return as Ann and Dan — but not necessarily, with Eddie and Venom now being on the run. Meanwhile, while the return of either Carnage (Woody Harrelson) or Shriek (Naomie Harris) seem somewhat less likely, as they were both seemingly killed in the climax of the second film — though never say never, because the comic book Carnage has resurrected from worse deaths before — "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" does tee up a future for Stephen Graham's Patrick Mulligan, whom in the comics becomes an antihero named Toxin.  Lastly, "Let There Be Carnage" ends with Venom and Eddie arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so all eyes are on Marvel and Sony to pit Hardy against Tom Holland's Spider-Man. 

What could the plot of Venom 3 be about?

No definitive plot details have emerged for the third installment in the "Venom" franchise at this time. That said, there is some clear setup regarding where Venom and Eddie will go next. 

During the mid-credits stinger for "Venom: Let There Be Carnage," Eddie and his symbiote partner are mysteriously transported to what appears to be the main Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline inhabited by Tom Holland's Spider-Man. This happens shortly after the symbiote notes being aware of multiple realities, suggesting that a future cinematic outing for the anti-hero could focus on a multiverse adventure –- not unlike other upcoming Marvel films like "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." However, while it now seems pretty obvious that Venom and Spider-Man are going to cross paths, particularly with this multiverse twist in place — as "Let There Be Carnage" director Andy Serkis confirmed, "Of course it's gonna happen" — what's not clear is whether this will happen in "Venom 3," or a fourth "Spider-Man" movie, or perhaps a separate "Spider-Man vs. Venom" crossover movie. 

Whether Venom and Spider-Man trade blows in "Venom 3" or not, though, it's currently unclear which specific plot points from the most recent "Venom" film will return for his next solo outing. The apparent death of Carnage, Venom's archenemy in the comics, is a big wrinkle. Meanwhile, the film sets up Stephen Graham to become a bigger antagonist, but it's very unclear if he would become Toxin in a similar manner to the comics, as the film implied a different approach. There's also the looming possibility of Knull — the King in Black, and creator of all the symbiotes — arriving on Earth. For now, though, this is just speculation.