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The Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 4 Scene Fans Thought Went Too Far

"Chicago Med" has become an essential pillar for NBC's "One Chicago" universe during its seven-season run on NBC. The medical drama has become indispensable to the Peacock Network's Wednesday night line-up, and it was the 17th most popular program on the air during the 2020-2021 season (per Variety). Following the travails and disasters which befall surgeons and doctors working at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, the show recently underwent a cast exodus, but there's a new team of docs on the block to help provide fans' weekly dose of inspiration and mayhem for Season 7.

Even the most popular program can sometimes stumble and annoy its devoted audience. The recently-aired fourth episode of the seventh season, "Status Quo, aka the Mess We're In," contained a scene "Chicago Med" fans thought went too far. A beloved cast member was treated cruelly and was pushed out of a critical case, and viewers of the show haven't been shy about sharing their opinions of the scene online.

People don't like the way Dr. Simms treated Dr. Marcel

Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) has become something of a hotshot during the three seasons he's spent performing trauma surgery at Chicago Med, and he hasn't been afraid to push back against hospital strictures. But when cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Marvin Simms (Anthony Moseley) briskly introduces himself as they scrub up in preparation for surgery, even Marcel is taken aback. Informing Marcel that he would "take it from here," Marvin told Crockett that the surgery was "a little out of [Crockett's] lane" though he had successfully diagnosed the patient's aortic tumor in the first place. Simms pointed out that Crockett didn't have the credentials as a trauma surgeon to perform cardiovascular surgery and was wasting vital time. Simms closed by informing Crockett he was "free to watch from the observation room."

Many fans were furious with Simms' attempt at downing Marcel, and they showed their displeasure in the replies of a tweet from the official "One Chicago" Twitter account. "Please no more jerks- we already have [Dr. Dean] Archer," (Steven Weber), tweeted @4ever58. Said @justwrite115 in a quote retweet, "Put some respect on Dr. Marcel's name!!"

But among a sea of angry reaction emojis posted in response to a gif of the scene, there were fans amused to see Crockett put in his place. "Welcome to the real world of hospital life. Ego's [sic] thrive here," Tweeted @bpgmultisports.

Fans at the Chicago Med subreddit, where Marcel has earned the moniker Dr. Surgery, were even more gleeful. "Finally, finally someone has told Dr. Surgery he can't just operate of [sic] everyone," said u/vengefulmuffins. Will Marcel protest Simms' choice to keep him out of the operating room? Fans will have to keep tuning in to find out.