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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Sci-fi enthusiasts who chose to watch the long-awaited new "Dune" adaptation on HBO Max were treated to a special surprise before the film. A teaser for the show "Raised by Wolves" revealed that Season 2 would arrive earlier than expected.

"Raised by Wolves" fans already got the great news that the show had been renewed for Season 2 before the first season had even finished airing, but the show's high production standards made it unclear when the show would make it back on the air. As noted by Deadline, the otherworldly landscape of Keplar-22b, where humanity struggles to survive after Earth is destroyed by religious strife, was primarily filmed in the South African desert.

While "Raised by Wolves" hasn't shared any specific issues arising with the production due to COVID-19, attempting to shoot a film internationally during the global pandemic presents clear logistical challenges, leaving fans wondering when the show would return. However, the new teaser from HBO Max let viewers know that studio has been hard at work putting together Season 2, and its premiere date looks to be just around the corner.

Raised by Wolves Season 2 is coming early 2022

In the brief teaser for "Raised by Wolves," included with the "Dune" premiere, fans got a glimpse of the stunning visuals that the show is known for and a hint of some of the gripping sequences Season 2 promises. While the scenes shown in the trailer aren't long enough to give a clear picture of how Season 2's arcs will play out, there was a critical note at the very end that confirmed the show would arrive in the first half of 2022.

While "coming early 2022" is relatively nebulous, it should give fans some hope, as it means that the show may premiere either shortly after the new year begins or around the start of spring. Considering the multitude of storylines that the ending of "Raised by Wolves" Season 1 left open, fans are likely eager to dive back into the series' world to learn more about the mysteries of Keplar-22b, the strange influence of Sol, and the dark past of the two Androids at the center of the story, Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim).

In the meantime, "Raised by Wolves" fans have plenty of time to scour the religious text that one fan theory proposes has influenced the series, or just rewatch the first season. "Raised by Wolves" is precisely the kind of dense science fiction that lends itself to repeated viewing as fans try to unpack the meaning behind the show's many layers.