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Why The Aliens In AHS: Death Valley Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

After eight seasons, "American Horror Story" fans finally got to revisit aliens in the latter half of "Double Feature." In a four-episode arc, "Death Valley" explored political conspiracy theories connected to the U.S. government concealing their relationship with extraterrestrial beings.

Aliens were introduced to the anthology series in the fan-favorite season "Asylum," though their storyline was never fully fleshed out as it wasn't the main focus. Since then, fans have been eager to see what "American Horror Story" would do with aliens and how they might connect back to Season 2.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the "Death Valley" aliens are connected to the "Asylum" aliens. Their focus is on breeding humans and aliens to create the perfect specimen before they begin to repopulate. Fans on the show's subreddit have expressed disappointment over the lack of any Easter eggs.

Plus, there's one detail about the politically involved aliens that just doesn't make sense to "Death Valley" fans.

The Death Valley aliens are hypocrites

On the finale thread for "Death Valley," fans questioned the alien's motivations for coming to Earth and breeding with humans only to eradicate their species in the end. A popular comment from u/Dragonlvr420 said, "I mean, didn't they destroy their own planet and that's why they needed the humans help in the first place??"

Others jumped in to agree, adding that they also remembered this explanation. However, u/frankiefantastic offered the counterpoint that "something else is destroying it." This could be connected to the last-minute introduction of the lizard people, though the season ran out of time before they could explain that storyline.

Most "Death Valley" fans were confused by the alien's logic, with u/FuschiaDandelion saying, "The irony of taking over Earth because humans have ruined it, after they're ruined their own planet and have nearly become extinct, is lost on the aliens."

Another Redditor added that the destruction they blamed humans for had occurred while they were working together. In reality, their actions resulted in many of the difficult decisions the humans were forced to make for the sake of their survival.

"Why does it feel facepalm worthy whenever an alien story goes down the all humans suck and we'd make this planet so much better because we don't do the evil they do.....but we do kill a lot of people randomly," wrote u/No-Beat-5045, perfectly summing up the thread's frustrations.