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The Ending Of Netflix's Night Teeth Explained

Vampires are out for blood in the latest Netflix horror flick, "Night Teeth."

Things start simple enough for young Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.). He has an opportunity to make a little extra cash by filling in as a chauffeur for his brother, Jay (Raúl Castillo). His mission is to drive two young ladies around for what seems like a night of partying. However, Benny soon discovers that the two women he's with are actually vampires, and they're going around feeding on the blood of consenting parties. 

Things only escalate from there as Benny learns of a turf war between the vampires and men, and to complicate matters even further, Jay's a vampire hunter. It all coalesces around a compound belonging to Victor (Alfie Allen), who's made quite a mess breaking the truce between the two sides throughout the previous evening. So how does it all go down during the fiery finale? Here's the ending of "Night Teeth," explained in all of its intricacies.

The two evil vampires get their just desserts

Despite being told to go back home, Benny just can't help himself, especially seeing how he and Blair (Debby Ryan) have gotten so close over the last 12 hours or so. Benny enters Victor's house to save his brother when he's discovered. He then offers himself as a sacrifice in lieu of Jay, but Victor's not really one for giving into demands. That's when Benny reveals his grand plan, namely using the car he's driven around all night to bust into the home remotely, allowing sunlight to come in. 

This immediately kills Zoe (Lucy Fry), who just so happened to be standing in the path of the car. However, Victor's still a threat until Jay reveals that he's broken loose, and he tackles him into the sunlight, as well. Both of the evil vampires go up in flames, burning to a crisp. It's safe to say they're both dead, so if a sequel ever does get off the ground, they won't be in it.

What happens to Benny?

Benny's vampiric injuries are too severe, but fortunately, Blair took a liking to him throughout the film. Before he dies, she drinks his blood while he consumes hers. This is all part of the necessary ritual to turn someone into a vampire, so by the movie's end, Benny has transformed, too.

This puts him in an awkward position, seeing how his brother hunts vampires for a living. We see the two share a slice of pizza in one of the final scenes, so it's clear they're still on good terms with one another ... for the time being. Sooner or later, Benny will need to feed, as evidenced when he's in the college library and can sense the blood flow through his classmates. He's able to restrain himself for the time being, but who knows how long that could last?

Things aren't all bad for Benny, though. He has a hot vampire girlfriend in the form of Blair these days, and the final scene shows her picking him up off of campus. The two look like they're about to embark on a night of fun festivities, so life's drastically different for Benny these days compared to where he started at the beginning of the movie.