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Venus And Serena Beat The Odds In A New Trailer For King Richard

Although it might not be getting as some of the other blockbusters rounding out 2021, "King Richard" could turn out to be as scrappy and competitive during the holiday season as the elite athletes it focuses on: Venus and Serena Williams. It certainly has the star power, thanks to Will Smith playing the title role of Richard Williams, the father of the tennis stars, who had a plan for their success before they were even born. "The profoundly moving film shows the power of family, perseverance and unwavering belief as a means to achieve the impossible and impact the world," says a synopsis on the movie's official website

"King Richard" was announced back in 2019 (via Variety), but became one of the numerous productions delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic (via Deadline). Since its completion, though, it has been making the festival rounds and wowing audiences: The Hollywood Reporter calls it a contender for Academy Awards nominations in 2022 after its appearance at the Telluride Film Festival in early September. 

A new trailer has been released for the film, and it's sure to please moviegoers who find this type of biographical drama appealing.

The trailer features a preview of new music from Beyoncé

Like the previous trailer for "King Richard," the new one is a moving look at the challenges Richard Williams faced in turning his talented daughters into international superstars. This teaser, however, puts the spotlight more on the girls themselves, as played by Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney. 

Fans are especially excited about the new look at the film because it is the first to showcase a new song by Beyoncé, which her fans have long been waiting for. The performer announced in August that new music was coming (via Harper's Bazaar), and a month or so later, media reported (via NME) that one of her new songs would be done specifically for "King Richard." "Be Alive" plays during the closing credits of the movie and was written by Beyoncé and the artist Dixson. Insider reports that the song was cheered at the BFI London Film Festival when it was screened there earlier this month. 

Despite a breach-of-contract lawsuit over the rights to the story, which was settled in 2020 (via Deadline), the prospects for this film look good: Oscar buzz has centered on Smith's portrayal and "best picture" possibilities, but Beyoncé's song is also raising eyebrows as a contender in the musical categories. And in case you were wondering, Venus and Serena Williams act as co-executive producers on the film (via Refinery 29), so they approve. 

The movie is due out in theaters and on HBO Max on November 19.