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Watch The Trailer For Michael Bay's Ambulance

Michael Bay movies have become synonymous with explosions and high-octane action. The director behind the "Transformers" franchise and "Bad Boys" has a distinct style all his own, and it's what his fans have come to expect out of his films. It looks like the filmmaker has no intention of leaving that territory any time soon, judging by the trailer of his latest upcoming action flick — "Ambulance."

As expected, this is no ordinary ambulance ride as the film follows two brothers — Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Will has run into some money problems and turns to Danny for some assistance. At this point, Danny offers him the score of a lifetime, namely pulling off the biggest bank heist in Los Angeles history. Of course, no matter how much of a criminal mastermind Danny is, something was bound to go awry, resulting in an ambulance chase around the city. It looks like everything you could want out of a Michael Bay film, and there's plenty more time for the hype to build until the movie comes out on February 18, 2022, in theaters. 

Ambulance brings the firepower

"Ambulance" is actually based on a 2005 Danish thriller that takes place entirely in one location, namely the titular vehicle (via IMDb). After watching the trailer, it seems as if the creative team took some liberties as a good portion of the action takes place outside of the ambulance, but rest assured, they make it there eventually. From there on out, Danny and Will take an injured police officer as well as an EMT, Cam (Eiza González), hostage.

"Ambulance" marks Michael Bay's first time in the director's chair since 2019's "6 Underground," and fans are ecstatic to see him back in prime form. If you look at comments underneath the trailer's YouTube page, you'll find a ton of praise for Bay and his previous body of work. One user writes, "Looks as Michael Bay as you can get. And there's nothing bad about that." A fair amount of the praise is directed toward the main cast, especially Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen II. They're some of the best actors working today, and viewers are hyped to see them share the screen, such as one fan writing, "It still feels and looks like a Michael Bay film, but having an actor like Yahya, and especially Jake, it adds that extra oomph to the delivery of the story and action."

Strap yourself in for a wild ride because "Ambulance" looks like the perfect action movie to wake up audiences next February.