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Here's The Riveting Second Trailer For Kenneth Branagh's Belfast

Coming-of-age stories have long been a popular genre in the movie industry, likely due to their relatability. When coming-of-age films are set during real times of political turmoil or significant world events, they also offer a new perspective of life for people affected by those events — especially children. Whether you watch a fun film like "Almost Famous" that was inspired by a real music journalist's life, or a heartbreaking film like "The Kite Runner" that takes place during major political shifts in Afghanistan, you can learn a lot about what it was like to be a young person in those eras.

A new coming-of-age film set to premiere on November 12 is a black-and-white dramedy titled "Belfast," from actor and filmmaker Kenneth Branagh. As the title suggests, "Belfast" takes place during what is known as The Troubles in Northern Ireland, when political groups clashed. The film mainly focuses on a young boy named Buddy (Jude Hill) and his family, and looks at the world from his point of view.

The second trailer for "Belfast" was released on YouTube today and offers a more in-depth look at the upcoming film.

Belfast is a touching yet harrowing tale

Although it's set during a civil war, "Belfast" focuses heavily on family, including Buddy's parents known as Ma (Caitriona Balfe) and Pa (Jamie Dornan), and his grandparents Granny (Judi Dench) and Pop (Ciarán Hinds). In September, the first "Belfast" trailer premiered on YouTube and gave us a first look at the events to come. Set to the upbeat song "Everlasting Love," the first trailer offered a more lighthearted look at the film. The newest trailer, however, is decidedly more intense.

The second "Belfast" trailer starts on a light note, similar to the first, and we see Buddy trying to impress his crush while his father and grandfather encourage him. Then, the music stops, a crowd descends as Buddy plays with other kids in the street, and a car explodes — seemingly kicking off the political unrest at the center of the film. We then get glimpses of the family as they try to decide whether to stay in their beloved home, while Buddy tries to understand what's going on in the world around him.

You can watch "Belfast" in theaters on November 12.