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The Scene In WandaVision That Had Fans Fuming

As the first original Marvel series to debut on Disney+, a lot was riding on the success of "WandaVision." It would set the tone for every show to follow, letting fans know if these were essential pieces of MCU lore or more fun bits of trivia. Fortunately, the former turned out to be accurate as "WandaVision" largely impressed fans with its unique take on the superhero story. 

The series utilized sitcom elements to great effect, taking viewers on a journey from the 1960s to the modern-day. It was unlike anything that had come before in terms of humor and emotional depth. While the sitcom shenanigans are fun at first, the audience soon learns it's all part of Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) trauma. She created this world to cope with the death of Vision (Paul Bettany).

Overwhelmingly positive reviews and a ton of Emmy nominations prove the show struck gold, but even the most incredible work of art still has a few flaws. And there's one moment in "WandaVision," in particular, that divided fans heavily. 

The line 'What is grief if not love persevering' drew both praise and ire

There were undoubtedly strong reactions to the Ralph Bohner (Evan Peters) reveal. No doubt plenty of fans hoped the actor's inclusion meant Fox's Quicksilver would finally enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it wasn't meant to be. However, we'd argue there's a different moment that got fans extra heated.

It all happens during Episode 8 when we see a loving exchange between Wanda and Vision while he is still alive. At one point, in a moment where Vision wants to comfort his love, he says, "What is grief if not love persevering?" It's a poignant moment, which wasn't lost on one fan who took to Twitter to write, "Do you hear that sound? It's every screenwriter in the world whispering a reverent 'F***' under their breath." It's a nice compliment, but others thought it was a bit of a hyperbole. 

One of the harshest rebukes of the line came from @mandolakes, who posted a standard Google search for quotes about grief. The results were all slight variations of the line said on the show, seemingly proving that it wasn't all that original and profound as some initially thought. The quote also spawned a series of memes where people posted less-than-reverent movie quotes. One of the best came from @rdpinder, who posted, "Do you hear that sound? It's every screenwriter in the world whispering a reverent 'F***' under their breath" in relation to a scene from "Happy Gilmore" where Adam Sandler's character says, "You eat pieces of s*** for breakfast?"

That's the beautiful thing about art; it's subjective. What's glorious to one person is trash to another. And the one thing you have to give credit to Marvel is the studio knows how to start a conversation.