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Orange Is The New Black Trailer Teases Intense Season 5

The ladies of Litchfield are going to have to come together in Orange is the New Black season five. A new trailer for the season reveals the intense aftermath of last season's cliffhanger and gives a hint about what's to come for the troubled prison.

The whole prison seems to be in upheaval in the trailer following the death of Poussey (Samira Wiley) at the end of season four. The trailer starts with the final scene of season four, showing Daya (Dascha Polanco) pointing a gun at CO Humphrey (Michael Torpey). "If we wanna turn this place right, we have to speak as one united group," says Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel). The trailer doesn't show what follows, although we do know from a previous clip that the gun is fired. (And neither Daya or CO Humphrey appear anywhere else in the trailer, which could hint at a bad ending.)

It then shows Danielle Brooks' Taystee, featured heavily throughout the trailer as a leader of the resistance, talking to Caputo (Nick Sandow), saying that everyone in the prison is angry. "Do you get what's going on here?" Taystee says to PIper in a later scene. "We get beat for no reason. We stuffed four in a bunk like we factory chickens. We're denied basic humanity." (The trailer, which is very minimal on Piper, does feature one funny moment from the early season protagonist, who asks Taystee how she can help. "People aren't gonna like you," Taystee responds. "Story of my life," answers Piper.)

Elsewhere in the trailer, Soso (Kimiko Glenn) doesn't seem to be handling the death of her girlfriend Poussey well, while Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) also struggles to contain her emotions, resorting at one point to leading a prayer circle around a candle hosted in an old can of Crisco. Meanwhile, Sophia (Laverne Cox) still seems to be separated from the rest of the group, while Gloria (Selenis Levya) appears to be dealing with some problems outside of the prison. "You do what you gotta do," Ruiz tells her. "You don't owe nothing to no one."

Of course, this is Orange is the New Black, so not everything will be dramatic the whole time. Flaca (Jackie Cruz) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero) seem to be enjoying the media attention the prison gets following the riot, prepping for their close-up as reporters flock the jail. "Don't forget to smize," Maritza says. The trailer also contains a funny scene in which Amanda Stephen's Alison requests the inmates get together and make demands, saying that "no idea is a bad idea." (Spoiler alert– the inmates come up with quite a few bad ideas.)

Still, the trailer hints at a much more dramatic season of Orange is the New Black than we've seen in the past. As the inmates protest under the abusive conditions they are being held in, they'll have to learn to come together in a way they haven't before. "You see a problem you deal with it," Taystee says. "This here is my home, and I'm gonna fight for it."

There are still quite a few mysteries left after the trailer, which brings up even more questions about what is going on in Litchfield. (For one thing, what is Emma Myles' Leanne doing in a guards' uniform in that cafeteria scene?) We'll know for sure when the new season premieres on June 9 (unless you already caught the episodes when they were leaked online); for now, see what the show gets wrong about prison.