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Squid Game Fans Are Divided On What They Want Out Of Season 2

Chances are you have heard of "Squid Game," the South Korean survival thriller series that has been dominating Netflix viewership charts en route to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The series takes inspiration from other popular franchises such as "Battle Royale," "The Running Man," and "The Hunger Games" and follows a tournament where hundreds of contestants, all strapped for cash, compete in children's games to win the grand prize of 45.6 billion won. Of course, things aren't as simple and easy as they seem, as the games prove to be far deadlier than any of the contestants could have ever imagined.

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who also created the series, has stated that a second season would only happen if he had the right story in mind and he had some additional help after writing and directing every episode of the initial season (via Forbes). As "Squid Game" continues to dominate the conversation, a second season is looking more and more likely, but fans of the show are conflicted on what they would want to see.

Fans are divided on whether Season 2 should be a prequel or continuation of Season 1's story

On a recent Reddit post, u/modsara320 asked whether or not fans would want the 2nd season to be a prequel or a continuation of the story told in Season 1. Several users, including u/0rphan0bliterator, wrote that they would want a prequel that would explain the backstory of the Front Man. Other users offered similar sentiments, stating that they would have liked to see the very first Squid Game and how the complex that games were played in was built.

On the other side of the argument, several users felt that it would be better to start where Season 1 left off, with u/Candycoatedmuffin2 stating that "If I wanted to watch hours of rich people being d***s I'd just watch the news." u/tamarind20, meanwhile, suggested that the 2nd season could potentially be a combination of a sequel and prequel, similar to "The Godfather Part II," which continued the first film's story but was very heavy on flashbacks to Don Vito Corleone's youth and rise to power.

Regardless, the popularity of "Squid Game" still shows no signs of slowing down, and as long as that's the case, fans will keep speculating on what to expect if and when the 2nd season drops.