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The Season 19 Plotline That Makes No Sense To NCIS Fans

"NCIS" has already had some major plot developments in Season 19 so far. Most shows start to lose muster after that amount of time, but it's clear "NCIS" is just ramping up to pursue other types of storylines. This is due to the unexpected departure of long-time NCIS agent Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon). He's been with the team since the very beginning, but it appears as though he's ready for a simpler life. His last scene showed him moving to Alaska, where he can get away from solving crimes and putting his own life in danger. Instead, he just wants to fish, and after all these years, he's earned it.

But as the old saying goes, "The show must go on." Gibbs may have left, but another grizzled old man has taken his place, namely Alden Parker (Gary Cole). There are some noteworthy differences between the two, mainly that Gibbs was averse to too much technology while Parker is relatively proficient in that field. It's clear to many fans Parker is being set up to be the new Gibbs, which some have taken umbrage with. 

Fans think McGee deserves to take Gibbs's spot

A lot of characters have come and gone from "NCIS" over the years. Typically, someone else comes in to fill the spot while offering something unique, but fans come to accept them over time. That appears to be what's happening during Season 19 of "NCIS." But Gibbs isn't just another special agent. He was the team lead for so long. He guided his compatriots through times of trouble, and Parker's going to have some mighty big shoes to fill. For some fans, they believe another person is better qualified to wear those shoes. 

The McGee (Sean Murray) plotline has some viewers scratching their heads, despite whatever justification the show provides. As Redditor u/mickl00 points out, "McGee expressed his real reasons when he was in the car with Torres. He has a family. He doesn't want to be the guy who pulls the trigger, nor does he want to end up like Gibbs." McGee could always change his opinion over the course of the next season, but plenty are still confused why the show would go to such lengths to prevent him from getting the job. 

Carrying on that train of thought, u/TheRealGuy01 elaborates, "McGee's entire thing was him eventually taking over the team, and with him now the only original cast member left, it really *should* be him." It's clear many fans feel like the plot of Season 19 should've involved McGee learning to become the leader he was destined to be. They think it's a cop-out to bring someone new into the mix, but only time will tell if this gambit pays off.