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The Most Overused Tropes In Criminal Minds According To Fans

Since it first debuted in the September of 2005, "Criminal Minds" has acquired quite the fanbase, and despite the show ending in 2020, it continues to grow. The police procedural centers around the workers in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, which works to analyze the nation's most deadly serial killers and other macabre crimes in order to prevent the next gruesome incident. The project was created by "Teen Wolf" creator Jeff Davis and stars actors and actresses such as Mandy Patinkin, Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, and A.J. Cook. The series ran for a whopping 15 seasons with a grand total of 323 episodes, and a revival is in the works at Paramount+, which should satisfy fans' hunger for more crime-solving from their favorite BAU employees.

Like many popular TV shows and franchises, the fans of "Criminal Minds" might appreciate aspects of the show that casual viewers might not pick up on, including some of the show's most overused tropes.

Fans love the show's formulaic nature

While fans of certain television series may get tired of their beloved series following the same formula, episode by episode, if this thread on r/criminalminds is anything to go by, "Criminal Minds" fans love that about the show. In the thread, a user asks fellow fans about the show's most overused tropes, and there were plenty of answers. User l_swens said, "Every time they go and talk to someone for information and introduce themselves as FBI, it's almost instantaneous for the person to go 'FBI??' back to them". Other fans suggested that they enjoy the timing of each episode; one user said that they enjoyed how the BAU usually makes it to a case just in time, while another said that they liked how every time the main characters are on a plane, a new victim just so happens to turn up. "I think it's meant to reflect the job and that whilst the situations might be different, it's all in a day for them," said user sofyamarmeladov.