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Here's Where You Can Watch Every Episode Of Dragon Ball Z

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"Dragon Ball Z" is both an iconic anime and a cultural landmark for any kid who grew up in the '00s. Thanks to its multi-year run on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block and its brief time as a selection on Kids WB's Saturday morning slate, it became familiar to millions and stands tall among other shows in the genre. The anime serves as an adaption of the last volumes of Akira Toriyama's 26-volume "Dragon Ball" manga and follows the adventures of a grown-up Goku, who now has a small son named Gohan and is married to Chi-Chi. Multiple world-shaking and life-threatening adventures emerge as Gohan grows up and Goku learns he's a Saiyan — a race of bloodthirsty alien beings.

Where can new fans, those seeking to try the show out, and folks who want to binge-watch an old favorite go to watch every season of "Dragon Ball Z"? Read on to find out!

Dragon Ball Z fans can watch the show on Funimation or Amazon Prime

Fans of "Dragon Ball Z" have two options if they want to watch every single episode of the anime. In America, Funimation offers all nine seasons of the series, as well as seven of the show's spin-off movies and a special about Trunks. You can watch the show subtitled in English with the original Japanese language audio track or in a dubbed version with an English audio track. All episodes are offered in their original, uncut broadcast formats.

While the first two seasons of "Dragon Ball Z" can be streamed at Funimation's official website for free with ad support, you will have to subscribe to its Premium Plus package to watch the rest of the program. Premium Plus costs customers $7.99 a month, but it allows users to download episodes, among other amenities. For those wary about spending cash on a full subscription, Funimation offers a free 14-day trial of the service. Funimation also hosts every season of "Dragon Ball," which precedes "Dragon Ball Z" in the series continuity, and "Dragon Ball Super" — the latest show in the "Dragon Ball" universe.

Those who wish to sample a few episodes of "Dragon Ball Z" can also rent them from Amazon Prime for $2.99 apiece.