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Nicole Kidman And Javier Bardem Channel Lucy And Desi In The Trailer For Being The Ricardos

If there's one thing Hollywood loves, it's films and shows about Hollywood. Luckily, though, fans are equally as keen on said stories. After all, our favorite fictional stories help us make sense of our own lives, and often, the characters in those stories can often feel like friends — as can the actors behind them.

It's no wonder, then, that one of the most famous couples of Hollywood's golden era is getting the biopic treatment. "Being the Ricardos," about the life and marriage of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz finally has a teaser trailer, and we could not be more excited.

Ball and Arnaz gained fame on hit sitcom "I Love Lucy" during its run from 1951-1957, playing a fictional husband and wife, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. While the pair's TV marriage was full of laughter and lightheartedness, their life behind the scenes was quite a different story. Written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, famed for his work on "The West Wing," "The Newsroom," and "The Social Network," "Being the Ricardos" is certain to be yet another accolade for the Oscar, Tony, and Emmy award winner.

Being the Ricardos has quite the impressive cast

As shown by the recently released teaser trailer, "Being the Ricardos" promises to bring the fast-paced drama Aaron Sorkin is known for. Nicole Kidman stars in the film as Lucy herself, with Javier Bardem as Desi. The project has quite the supporting cast too, including J.K. Simmons and Tony-winner Nina Arianda as "I Love Lucy" co-stars William Frawley and Vivian Vance, respectively. "Arrested Development" fans will be thrilled to see two of their favorites reunited again — Tony Hale plays "I Love Lucy" producer Jess Oppenheimer, while Alia Shawkat stars as writer Madelyn Pugh. Jake Lacey, fresh off his starring role on "White Lotus," plays Bill Carroll, Jr., another writer on the show, with Marvel veteran Clark Gregg, Hale's "Veep" co-star Nelson Franklin, and Robert Pine also starring in currently unidentified roles.

"Being the Ricardos" is poised to be another hit of the holiday season. Produced by Amazon Studios, the film will have a dual release, dropping in theaters on December 10 and on Prime Video December 21. We're certainly looking forward to a deeper look at one of the most influential sitcoms and couples of Hollywood history.