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We Finally Know What Rob Zombie's Munsters Cast Looks Like In Costume

Any filmmaker who goes by the name Rob Zombie is clearly enthusiastic about monsters. Of course, this particular rockstar-turned-filmmaker has long worn his love of all things grotesque and spooky on his sleeve. Long before he became a film director, Zombie broadcast his macabre pop culture interests through his horror-themed music and accompanying videos. Then, in 2003, he finally made the jump to motion pictures and introduced viewers to the iconic Firefly family, courtesy of "House of 1000 Corpses."

Since then, Zombie has helmed a few flicks in the horror realm and solidified himself as a modern maestro of shock and awe. Unsurprisingly, then, Hollywood has entrusted him with bringing "The Munsters" back from the dead. Based on the 1960s sitcom about a family of monsters living in suburbia, the film is a dream project for Zombie, as he's always been a fan of the source material — so much so, he even described the original series as "the greatest show ever" in an Instagram post.

"The Munsters" movie is currently in development and things seem to be running along smoothly. Zombie has even taken to social media to provide a revealing update.

Rob Zombie shares new image of The Munsters on Instagram

Rob Zombie is known for making horror movies that revel in guts, gore, and chaos, but "The Munsters" will probably be a more lighthearted affair. It seems that the director is out to honor the spirit of the original show — that's if his latest Instagram update is anything to go by.

With the Halloween season now upon us, the director decided to celebrate by sharing some photos of his "Munsters" actors in their creature get-up. In the photo, which was taken in black and white, Herman Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips), Lily Munster (Sheri Moon Zombie) and The Count (Dan Roebuck) can be seen sitting in front of the "newly completed" 1313 Mockingbird Lane set in Hungary.

This isn't Zombie's only "Munsters" update, either. Back in September, he shared a snap of his crew building one of the sets and assured fans that the project was "coming along perfectly." Sure looks like a faithful reboot.