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Watch Tom Cruise Do Insane Stunts In A Sneak Peek Of The Mummy

Tom Cruise isn't that tall of a guy, but there's no stunt to big for him to tackle.

A new behind-the-scenes look at The Mummy drives that point home, with praise from his co-stars and director Alex Kurtzman . All throughout, we see Cruise running on collapsing rooftops, jumping through explosions, and tumbling in a zero-gravity atmosphere.

"To have Tom Cruise in this movie is so huge for us," Kurtzman said. "It just changes the game completely. Tom brings out the best of everybody he's in a scene with, and he brings every ounce of energy he has to his performance."

Jake Johnson, who plays Cruise's sidekick in the upcoming action-horror flick said that Cruise has an energy that's infectious. "He fills you up with this childhood enthusiasm where you're like, 'I wanna make the movie that Tom sees."

Cruise said, "The Mummy is gonna have great action and real thrills. We want it to be wild and violent and erratic and spontaneous."

Of course, he has a track record for doing his own insane stunts. He dangled from the tallest building in the world in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, then clung to the side of a plane in mid-air in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. He also reportedly trained for a full year to perform a single stunt in the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6.

Watch the Mummy sneak peek above and brace yourself for the release on June 9. Until then, take a look at a few more A-list stars who do their own stunts.