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HBO Max's Peacemaker Teaser Has DC Fans Ready To Hug An Eagle

After the undeniable success of "The Suicide Squad" earlier this summer, is it any surprise that a "Peacemaker" spin-off series got a green light from Warner Bros. and DC Films, and that James Gunn got directorial carte blanche to make it a reality? Peacemaker's (John Cena) presence in the movie was light-hearted, definitive, and helped make the movie into a classic that fans will no-doubt enjoy for years to come. It also helped revitalize a franchise that almost died in infancy after the tepid response to David Ayer's first crack. Thankfully, the "Squad" is back on track, and now fans have a chance to get even more of what they crave — at least from Cena's Peacemaker.

If you're wondering what "Peacemaker" will be about, don't lose sleep trying to read between the lines. The basic premise revolves around Peacemaker transitioning from being a jailed and disgraced superhero to state-sanctioned vigilante. He and his new, quirky teammates "only kill bad people ... usually ... unless there's a mistake." 

He co-stars alongside Steve Agee, Jennifer Holland, and a perfectly cast Robert Patrick as Peacemaker's cantankerous father. Danielle Brooks also stars and, of course, Eagley the eagle. You may be surprised how much this feathery sidekick is getting fans whipped up into a social media frenzy. 

Peacemaker has it all: butt-babies, affectionate avian friends, and John Cena dancing in his underwear

The fan response so far is overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Several people tweeted out how much they now want their own pet eagle (although we're not sure a wild, endangered animal would be a smart pet choice). 

@beemerw21 tweeted, "A CGI eagle hugs John Cena and Vigilante is giving off major Deadpool vibes. Yeah I'm excited as hell for #Peacemaker when it drops." 

@KenArnold1984 echoed that sentiment with "#Peacemaker m*therf*ckers!!! And an Eagle that hugs. #DCFanDome." 

It seems as though Eagley may be a big enough star to not just upstage Cena, but also bring in new fans. @webslignr, despite his feelings for the lead actor, tweeted, "[I] don't like peacemaker but that goddamn eagle!!!! have to watch it now." 

And among all of the excited tweets, this one from @Goofyfan_Chuck wins the internet today: "The eagle hug. Captain America, on his best day, couldn't accomplish that. #Peacemaker."

You can start streaming the first eight episodes on HBO Max January 13, 2023. And don't forget to hug your eagles.