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Catch The First Trailer For Big Mouth Season 5

Adult animated series "Big Mouth," which mines surreal comedy from puberty and other awkward teenage experiences, premiered in 2017 and is still going strong. For instance, a stand-alone spinoff series titled "Human Resources," focused primarily on the work environment of its Hormone Monsters — basically teenage hormonal urges anthropomorphized — was announced in 2019. According to co-creator Nick Kroll, the production of "Human Resources" was scheduled to begin following the completion of "Big Mouth" Season 5.

The fifth season of "Big Mouth," meanwhile, is coming soon, following in the footsteps of a successful Season 4. Also, back in 2019, Netflix announced that it planned to continue producing "Big Mouth" through at least Season 6, so its upcoming season is but one more outing for a property that's become one of Netflix's mainstays.

On October 15, Netflix released a trailer for Season 5, providing fans of the series their first look at what's next in the delightfully weird and kinda-gross-but-that 's-part-of-its-charm world of "Big Mouth."

Big Mouth Season 5 is about love and hate

After Season 1 introduced viewers to Hormone Monsters, later seasons of "Big Mouth" revealed the existence of further biological and emotional experiences brought to life, like the Depression Kitty (voiced by Jean Smart). The trailer for "Big Mouth" Season 5 is centered around Love Bugs and Hate Worms, who seem primed to bring some characters close and pit others against one another.

First, the trailer teases a new romance between Jessi (Jessi Klein) and Ali (Ali Wong) while Matthew (Andrew Rannells) and Lola (Nick Kroll) compete for the affections of Jay (Jason Mantzoukas). Meanwhile, Nick (Kroll) and Missy (Ayo Edebiri) appear to be the primary victims of the newly-introduced Hate Worms, sporting bandages on their noses and leather jackets in a couple of scenes, along with angrier-than-usual attitudes to match. Jessi and Matthew, too, appear to contract the Hate Bug at some point during the season, with green eyes and rage-driven superpowers in subsequent shots. The trailer's conclusion then teases a live-action Christmas-themed episode featuring puppets of main characters like Hormone Monster Maury (Kroll) and Lola.

As announced at the trailer's end, "Big Mouth" Season 5 will premiere on November 5.