The Ted Lasso Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Last summer, just as the pandemic and quarantine had driven many of us to a crisis point, a breath of fresh air arrived on Apple TV+ in the form of "Ted Lasso." A fish out of water sitcom based on a series of commercials from 2013, on a brand new streaming service, it was an unlikely hit in many ways, albeit as unlikely as a TV show financed by the only company worth multiple trillions of dollars can be. 

After several Emmy wins and a second season that went to surprisingly dark places for some characters, the show has become more of a discourse-generating flashpoint than viral word-of-mouth sensation, but that doesn't take away how unique it is in tone or how much we all needed it to help navigate 2020.

In a polarized world and a TV landscape dominated by "anti-heroes" and conflict, "Ted Lasso" won hearts and picked up the baton from other "nice" shows like "Schitt's Creek" and "Parks and Recreation," and it couldn't have arrived at a better time. Deprived of social interaction, viewers watched "Ted Lasso" win people over one by one with his folksy, upbeat relentlessness and saw perhaps a better version of themselves, like a light in the darkness. In a way, it offered a kaleidoscope to reflect on the different forces at work on our personalities  — much like the wisdom of astrology. With Mercury in retrograde for the final time this year, it's time to pull out all the stops and combine both worlds. Here are the "Ted Lasso" characters that embody your spirit, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Jamie Tartt

Jamie Tartt is an Aries through and through. Like the god of war that gives the sign its name and the ram that symbolizes it, an Aries has a drive to be number one in all things they do. They dive headfirst into things and ask questions later, a lot like Jamie's decision to follow his anger headlong into conflicts with his teammates in Season 1, or his impulsive decision to leave Manchester United to star on the reality show "Lust Conquers All" at the start of Season 2. 

An Aries also has a competitive drive that lends itself well to sports  — and though there are many athletes on "Ted Lasso," few have the "alpha dog" drive that Jamie does to excel, making him an uber-example of this sign's mentality, and also its weaknesses. In all of Jamie's conflicts with Ted, Keely, Roy, and his other teammates he displays very Aries-like tendencies toward argument and defensiveness when confronted.  But over the course of the show so far, he's learned a lot about himself and embraced positivity. When in balance, an Aries makes a compelling leader of other people, and it seems like Jamie is on the road to becoming one — but only after he deals with his daddy issues and learns to harness his competitive nature in a way that includes other people.

Taurus: Keely Jones

A Taurus values luxury, "soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavors." When "Ted Lasso" begins, Keely Jones is making a living as a model and social media influencer, turning those Taurus tendencies into a lifestyle. She's always impeccably dressed in a workplace full of slovenly footballers, and her home is always aesthetically pleasant and calming in decor (even after she moves in with Roy Kent in Season 2). In a heartwarming moment when she's stressed out in Season 2, Roy proves how well he knows her Taurus-esque needs by giving her space and drawing a luxurious bath for her. 

But much like the bull that represents them (along with the stock market itself), a Taurus is ambitious and hard-working, as Keely has been over the course of "Ted Lasso." Initially a social media influencer, she began as FC Richmond's image consultant, moved into a full-time PR role while working other freelance gigs, and by the end of Season 2 has an offer to start her own PR firm. She can still fall prey to bad Taurus habits like an inability to compromise, which especially has made her relationship with Roy quite rocky. But by and large, Keely displays the best qualities of a Taurus in balance: She's ambitious without being ruthless, luxurious without being entitled, and kind to her friends and loved ones.

Gemini: Rupert Mannion

Sorry, Gemini — even on "Ted Lasso," someone has to be the bad guy. And to be fair, it's not former Richmond owner Rupert Mannion's duplicity that makes him a Gemini, it's a common misconception that Geminis are two-faced, due to their dualistic nature. In fact, it's Rupert's gregarious, social butterfly nature that marks him as the best "Ted Lasso" character for the sign that's so busy they'd wish for an identical twin to cover more ground. Although he primarily pops up in the show to antagonize his ex-wife, it's always in a social setting like the charity fundraiser or Mae's pub, so he can charm the crowd and be the center of attention.

Of course, in a lesson for Geminis everywhere, Rupert let his zeal for life and dislike of routine get the better of him long before the show started, as multiple infidelities led to his acrimonious divorce from Rebecca. And his internally divided Gemini nature seems to have him stuck between worlds with indecision, another pitfall of the sign: he's seemingly moved on with Bex, a kid on the way even, but he manages to find excuse after excuse to get back into Rebecca's orbit, ultimately buying another Premiere League club in Season 2.

So, call Rupert a comprehensive illustration of all the good and bad that a Gemini can be. You can charm anyone, and always have a witty remark ready to go, but it's important not to grow callous in your ceaseless desire for new experiences.

Cancer: Roy Kent

Cancers, like their crab symbols, are characterized by having hard shells that can be difficult to crack — and few shells come harder than Roy Kent's gruff, profane exterior. But it's only an act: Over time, "Cancers reveal their gentle nature, genuine compassion, and mystical capabilities." Certainly Roy Kent's fans might think he has mystical powers when they're chanting "He's here! He's there! He's every-[effing]-where! Roy Kent!"— but it's a surprising reserve of compassion and softness that Roy has surprised us with for two seasons.

Cancer is associated with maternal energies and things like self-care and a quiet domesticity, which also seemed like a strange fit for Roy Kent when "Ted Lasso" began. But he's displayed the deep caring about family bonds typical of a Cancer in his relationship with his niece Phoebe, and he settles into a comforting routine after retirement that includes a ladies yoga group and large amounts of rosé. Despite all of this softening, he still holds on to an essential, gruff Roy-ness and falls prey to the pessimism and suspicion that can be a Cancer's weaknesses. But ultimately, he makes the effort to keep trying new things, like the mutable water sign that he is.

Leo: Ted Lasso

Fun fact: The first date of Leo season is July 23rd, which was in fact the Season 2 premiere date of "Ted Lasso." Season 1 debuted on August 22nd, 2020 which makes both seasons of the show a Leo, and no one is more of a vivacious, passionate, and exuberant Leo than the title character himself. "Leos are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency. They are dedicated friends and lovers who put their hearts into every relationship." How better to sum up Ted Lasso, a man whose unrelenting goodness and compassion transforms nearly everyone he meets? 

And while at first glance it doesn't seem like Ted enjoys basking in the spotlight as much as a typical, ostentatious Leo, it's worth bearing in mind that he accepted a job in a foreign country, coaching a sport he didn't know anything about, knowing he was most likely hired off the strength of a single viral video. He knew it was an absurd, attention-grabbing thing to be doing, and his aggressively nice interpersonal methods aren't exactly subtle. Hubris is the primary downfall of a Leo, as Ted learns in Season 2. Feeling perhaps threatened, he fails to acknowledge Nate's contributions to the team's success, and is initially determined to win over the team's new psychotherapist at all costs when she's immune to his "aw shucks" act. But for the most part, Ted embodies the natural leadership aspects of a Leo at the end of the day, and has the perfect attribute for a coach in that he enjoys watching those close to him succeed.

Virgo: Nate Shelley

Virgos are the most detail-oriented, organized and analytical sign of the zodiac, and kit man turned Assistant Coach Nate is a Virgo through and through. A Virgo operates "like a computer," "transforming even the most jumbled set of information into organized, clear concepts," and Nate's comprehensive knowledge of football and analysis shine through as he at first contributes occasional plays, takes command of play calling when Ted leaves the pitch during a panic attack in Season 2, and eventually leaves for his own head coaching job. As Ted puts it, "that boy's forgotten more about football than I ever knew."

Nate also suffers from an extreme case of the timidity that Virgos bear as a weakness, even taking assertiveness lessons from Keely and Rebecca at a point. In all of their methodical acumen, Virgos are also staunch perfectionists, which for Nate combine with his ongoing issues surrounding a disapproving father to make it harder and harder to enjoy his success  — he's often more worried that his play-calling will fail than he is happy to be making a difference. Ultimately, this tension causes a deep rift with Ted when he doesn't get the recognition he feels he deserves, but it's a safe bet that he'll mend fences with Richmond somehow in Season 3. Virgos are ultimately here to help, and all hope isn't lost yet for "Nate the Great."

Libra: Rebecca Welton

In many ways, Rebecca Welton begins "Ted Lasso" as a Libra that's been knocked out of balance. Libras value such balance, as well as harmony and personal relationships, above all else, so her recent divorce from Rupert understandably disrupts Rebecca's worldview. Falling prey to a Libra weakness for holding grudges, Rebecca sets the entire show in motion by hiring Ted in the first place, hoping he'll fail and embarrass her ex-husband and his former team. It isn't long, of course, before she's charmed by his personality and the effect he has on everyone at Richmond, recognizing as a Libra at heart the virtue of loving kindness in all things.

She also goes about rebuilding her life post-divorce in a very Libra way. Libras "love harmonious partnerships with fashionable mates, especially those who make attractive arm candy." This applies to her growing friendship with the much-younger Keely, as well as her brief dalliance with the even-younger Sam. Another pitfall of being a Libra is a dislike of solitude, which is a definite undercurrent in all of her dating struggles in Season 2. But over the course of the series, she has shown the compassionate and fixation on harmony represented by the scales of the Libra as she has grown and changed for the better.

Scorpio: Dr. Sharon Fieldstone

Introduced in Season 2, sports psychologist Sharon Fieldstone is the quiet, stone-faced foil to Ted Lasso, and the perfect embodiment of a Scorpio. Scorpios "never show their cards" and are "fueled by a relentless desire for control." It's a natural extension, then, for Sharon to exercise that control in her work. She's even quietly analyzing Ted in their earliest interactions, well before he comes to her for genuine help later in the season. Sharon may seek to analyze others as a result of being closed-off herself, Scorpios are prone to reticence and a mistrust of others by their nature. Fortunately, we see this begin to soften in Sharon when Ted helps her go to the hospital after she's hit while riding her bike.

Most of the time, however, she employs her highly intuitive, deeply empathetic Scorpio nature to her profession and has a noticeably positive effect on every member of Richmond that enters her office. That could be partially due to years of training and clinical experience, sure — but being the very epitome of this powerful water sign, which "derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm" has got to help.

Sagittarius: Trent Crimm, The Independent

Who could be more perfect to represent Sagittarius, the most independent of the zodiac signs, than Trent Crimm, "The Independent"? Known for having sharp tongues, quick wits, and the sharp-eyed focus of the archer that is their symbol (via Allure), a Sagittarius is "always on a quest for knowledge." This fits Crimm like a glove, as his dogged pursuit of the truth in his journalism is steadfast and consistent. At first, he very reasonably has doubts about Ted Lasso's lack of knowledge and grills him out of a sense of journalistic ethos and love for the game of football. Later, he's won over by Ted's charm to a degree when he writes a long profile piece, but that doesn't stop him from reporting about Ted's mental health struggles when he's tipped off about them.

A weakness of a Sagittarius is a lack of tact, or a tendency to come across as downright arrogant — all of which that Trent Crimm is routinely guilty of. But in the end, his integrity costs him his own job after revealing his source to Ted, and then revealing to his employer that he leaked his own source. Trent Crimm is such a Sagittarius in spirit that he was too independent for "The Independent," which is saying something.

Capricorn: Coach Beard

As the straight man to Ted Lasso's constant chipper antics, Coach Beard is a much needed calming presence, and a pitch-perfect representation for Capricorns, who "are often perceived as cold and unemotional" due to their "unwavering focus" on their goals. Capricorns are success-driven, terrific leaders, and action-oriented, which are all attributes that Coach Beard brings to Richmond as one of the more level-headed members of the staff.

However, like most Capricorns, his workaholic tendencies mean he has trouble maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Based on his tempestuous relationship with Jane, and the glimpse of his off-hours impulsiveness in a standalone episode in Season 2, we see that the drive and focus of a Capricorn can come with some genuinely self-destructive side effects, driven by deep perfectionism. Here's hoping Coach Beard takes his turn with the team psychologist at some point, and learns to calm his life down outside of work.

Aquarius: Sam Obisanya

The Aquarius is the most humanitarian of all the signs, the most concerned with the greater good and social justice. And for all his positivity and interpersonal skill, Ted Lasso rarely thinks about the bigger picture, so it's Sam Obisanya that represents the deeply compassionate Aquarius the best. Early in the show, he gets team owner Rebecca involved in breaking a supposed team curse, showing his grasp of the larger dynamics at play. In Season 2, he stages a protest against team sponsor Dubai Air in a fit of very Aquarian humanism, and later makes plans to open a Nigerian restaurant to have an influence in London and his own diaspora community.

This revolutionary thinking comes with a rebellious streak: "these air signs despise authority and anything that represents conventionality." That applies to Sam's professional decisions as well as personal ones, as he is game to attempt a relationship with Rebecca in spite of the conventional wisdom that you shouldn't date your much older boss. But by and large, Sam channels his deep thoughtfulness into solid decision making like an Aquarius at their best — aided here and there by one of the only supportive fathers in the "Ted Lasso" universe.

Pisces: Leslie Higgins

A sensitive Pisces always wants to make the best of it. As the last sign of the zodiac, it's said that they carry the passions and lessons learned by the previous eleven, which leaves them with a deep sense of understanding the others, and makes them "the most psychic, empathetic, and compassionate creatures of the astrological wheel." And what better unofficial Pisces to complete our Zodiac than Richmond's Director of Communications, the endlessly polite and caring Leslie Higgins?

He begins the show walking an impossible line, as the only member of the staff privy to Rebecca's decision to hire the inexperienced Ted Lasso as an act of subterfuge. Deftly managing to follow Rebecca's orders while being charmed by Ted and making him feel at home, Higgins' ability to pivot is just like the water sign Pisces and the multitudes they contain. Pisces can be conflict-averse, just like the bumbling Higgins who took the entire first season to build enough backbone to stand up to Rebecca. But as one of the most balanced characters on "Ted Lasso," Higgins is like a Pisces at their absolute best: using their myriad emotions to connect with friends and family, creating themselves anew in the service of each day.