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New Girl Bloopers Funnier Than The Original Scene

One of the most celebrated sitcoms of the 2010s, "New Girl" may have aired its final episode in 2018, but the series continues to delight viewers with its off-the-wall humor and quick-witted dialogue. The lives of Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris), Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.), and Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) made their way into our hearts — and onto our TV screens — in 2011. Over a decade later, we're still rooting for Jess to find true love, cracking up at Winston's failed (or worse, successful) pranks, and wishing we had a bromance like Nick and Schmidt's. For seven years, the roommates of apartment 4D gave us laughs, loves, and the impossibly complex drinking game True American.

"New Girl" has featured some of the most hilarious scenes in recent TV history, many of which relied upon the genius improvisational skills of the cast. Yet there were even more moments behind the scenes that had the cast and crew gasping for breath from laughter, making the moments that didn't make it into the final cut even funnier than what ended up on the air. Thanks to a number of gag reels, "New Girl" fans can see for themselves what it was like on the set with a peek at some of the shenanigans that happened before "cut" was called.

This Season 1 blooper puts Zooey Deschanel and Justin Long in an awkward position

In "New Girl" Season 1 Episode 6, "Bad in Bed," Jess is ready to take things a step further with her new boyfriend, Paul Genzlinger (Justin Long). Paul is a music teacher who is just as quirky and nerdy as Jess, which seemingly makes them a perfect fit for one another.

As things begin to heat up between the two, Jess starts to grow self-conscious that she might be out of touch with her lovemaking skills, as she hasn't been with anyone physically (besides her cheating ex-boyfriend) for a long while. She decides to spice things up by purchasing an elaborate piece of lingerie, but when she tries it out in the bedroom, it ends up making things even more awkward. It's a hilarious scene as Paul struggles to remove the article of clothing, which is basically a complicated game of cat's cradle. To make things worse, the couple also decides to try role-playing as well — by doing celebrity impersonations.

As if the scene wasn't funny enough, an outtake shows the actors cracking each other up as they put on their worst imitations of Jimmy Stewart and Bill Cosby. "Hurry up and get it off," Jess demands, and Paul claps back with, "I'm not Houdini!" Deschanel's improv continues to break Long, who is laughing so hard he can barely continue the scene.

Max Greenfield can't keep a straight face as Nadia tries to pronounce an actor's name

After they surprised us all by hooking up in Season 1, Cece makes Schmidt promise not to tell anyone about their arrangement ... but the truth inevitably comes out. When Cece gets a pregnancy scare that turns out negative, she tells Schmidt it would be best if they cool things off between them for a while. Not exactly thrilled to hear this, Schmidt agrees to go on a date with Cece's roommate, Nadia (Rebecca Reid), if only to make Cece jealous.

Nadia is a Russian model who hasn't quite gotten the hang of American social skills. She often says offensive things with a deadpan expression, resulting in some pretty funny moments. In Season 1 Episode 22, "Tomatoes," her date with Schmidt turns into a disaster, ending with him in the hospital. Before things get that far, however, one scene shows Schmidt asking her what she likes about America as the two have dinner together. Nadia begins to list some interesting things, including "salad bar," "yo mama jokes," "sidewalk," and actor Wilmer Valderrama. The latter becomes the most amusing part of Nadia's list, as she can't quite pronounce the "That '70s Show" actor's name.

In the show's Season 1 gag reel, we can see how difficult it is for actor Max Greenfield to keep a straight face when Reid says the line. Of course, his laughter makes Reid break as well. Even as Greenfield is wiping tears from his eyes and struggling to keep himself under control, he insists that they keep going with the scene.

Lamorne Morris and Zooey Deschanel hilariously break the fourth wall in this outtake

One of the funniest things about bloopers isn't just watching the actors mess up their lines, but also watching them poke fun at themselves. In the Season 1 finale of "New Girl," Jess is mourning her breakup with Russell (Dermot Mulroney) while Nick has decided to reunite with his ex, Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis).

Meanwhile, an episode subplot has Winston sporting a diamond stud in his ear after a drunken night with his boss, Joe (Phil Hendrie), an obnoxious sports radio DJ. The whole loft insists he gets rid of the gaudy piercing, but Winston decides to own it instead, trying out a variety of styles including a giant hoop and a dangling peacock feather. Despite the jeers and name-calling, Winston seems determined to make his new fashion statement work.

In an outtake from the episode, Winston wears a huge gold hoop in his ear while he and Jess are having a conversation in the loft. In character, Deschanel tells him, "You can't wear that earring and not have people joke you about it." Not missing a beat, Morris quips, "You can't look like that and think people can't call you Zooey Deschanel." At this, Deschanel slowly turns a sly look directly to the camera and says, "What?" — eliciting a laugh from Morris in the background. For obvious reasons, the take didn't make it into the final cut, but it's fun to see the cast messing with each other on camera.

Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield fight dirty in a blooper from Season 1

In yet another outtake from the Season 1 closer, "Backslide," we get to see more of the video that a distraught Nick made for himself post-breakup as a warning to his future self against going back to Caroline. When Nick considers moving in with the woman who once made his life a living hell, Schmidt and Winston hold him down and force him to watch the DVD.

Nick's appearance on the video is dismal — he is clearly miserable, his hair and beard long and unkempt, and he keeps a jar of his own tears. He pleads with his future self to remember the heartbreak he suffered at Caroline's hands. At one point, Schmidt makes a brief appearance on the DVD when Nick entrusts him with a poem he wrote for safekeeping. Schmidt also jumps in to stop Nick from calling Caroline, trying to grab the phone out of Nick's hand.

In the gag reel, we can see the actors going a little too far with the scene, as Greenfield starts to punch Johnson in the crotch while trying to wrestle the phone from him. Johnson attempts to reciprocate, and the clip becomes a hilarious battle between two grown men hitting each other in the nether regions. The improv continues until Greenfield finally starts to laugh and the fight breaks up. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any real harm done.

Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson get a hilarious jumpstart on Nick and Jess' romance

As "New Girl" rolled into its 2nd season, the show was already well on its way to becoming a huge hit. In Season 2 Episode 6, the gang celebrates the titular holiday of Halloween by attending a downtown festival, with Jess volunteering to work in a haunted house dressed as a zombie. At the end of the night, however, things turn into an actual horror show when Jess questions Sam about their relationship status. On top of that, she gets punched in the face by Nick when she jumps out and scares him in the haunted house.

In the episode's final scene, there is a sweet moment between Jess and Nick where Jess cuddles up next to him on the couch as he nurses her wound with a bag of frozen peas. In an outtake from that scene, Zooey Deschanel is lying down on the couch next to Jake Johnson, and she tells him, "I think I love you." Johnson's eyes grow wide as he looks at the camera before asking jokingly, "Are the other guys home?" Deschanel responds by saying, "I don't think so," then pounces on Johnson, and both actors erupt with laughter.

The sexual tension between Nick and Jess throughout the series had already been a big part of the show, a precursor to the two characters finally getting together at the end of Season 2. Maybe Deschanel and Johnson were just trying to blow off some steam by starting their on-screen romance a bit sooner than intended.

In this Season 2 blooper, Max Greenfield gets an earful

In one of the funniest episodes of Season 2, "Menzies," Jessica deals not only with getting laid off from her job but also with PMS symptoms. The episode has some hilariously memorable scenes, including Jess breaking down in an interview over a kitty-cat coffee mug and Nick getting some therapeutic pool time with his mysteriously mute new friend, Tran (Ralph Ahn). Meanwhile, Schmidt has the hots for one of the new employees at his job, an aggressively dominant woman named Emma (Carla Gugino) who scares him as much as she turns him on.

As Schmidt chats with his friends at the bar, he tells them about his first encounter with Emma in the office break room. In a decisive show of power, Emma grabs him and bites his ear suggestively, resulting in a shocked reaction from Schmidt. Emma intimidates Schmidt even further when she presents him with a detailed contract that he must sign before they can begin their relationship.

In a very funny blooper of the break room scene, Gugino goes to town on Max Greenfield's ear as he attempts to hold his shocked expression for as long as he possibly can. You can see from his expression how hard it is for him to keep it together, and when the two actors make eye contact, they both finally break.

Schmidt meets his mini-me in an amusing Season 3 outtake

In the episode "Dance" from Season 3, Jessica is revved up to organize her first school dance as Coolidge Middle School's Vice Principal. The rest of the school's staff is not nearly as enthusiastic, however — even when Jess offers them some crafty hats to go along with their supervision duties. On the night of the big event, Jessica finds that someone has locked the doors to the school auditorium where the dance is being held. One particularly finicky student, a young boy named Tommy (Mason Cook), reacts dramatically to the conundrum, worried that he's lost the chance to show off his raw denim. The loft gang comes to Jess' rescue to act as chaperones when the other teachers decide to bail on her.

In the Season 3 gag reel, we encounter the fastidious Tommy yet again alongside the male members of the loft. He delivers the line, "Please stop doing that," before strutting off in a dramatic exit. In the clip, Jake Johnson looks at Max Greenfield with a smirk and points at him, prompting Greenfield, in character, to ask, "What are you pointing at me for?" The rest of the guys point out the uncanny similarities between Schmidt and Tommy, with Coach saying, "It's like your conscience!"

In a hilarious improvised moment, Greenfield totally goes with it, making the same hand gesture as Tommy as he storms off in equally dramatic fashion, muttering, "Give it a rest."

Jake Johnson gives Max Greenfield a unique smooch in this Season 4 blooper

In Season 4 Episode 7, "Goldmine," Jess is back in the dating game and seeing a guy named Ian (Michael Stahl-David) — but she has yet to tell her current beau that she is still living with her ex, Nick. For some reason, though, she doesn't seem to think it'll be a problem. However, when the two go on their third date and Jess finally decides to bring up the subject, it's clear that Ian takes issue with the awkward situation. In a desperate bid to keep Ian from bolting, Jess decides to lie and say that Nick is actually gay.

Nick is happy to help Jess out and go along with her fib, but true "New Girl" fans know he's never been that great at lying, much less pretending to be something he isn't. In a scene where Ian begins to get suspicious of Nick's true sexuality, Schmidt enters the loft and sheepishly apologizes to Nick for not coming home the night before. Ian completely mistakes the conversation as a spat between two lovers, and Nick decides to seal the deal by kissing Schmidt.

In a very funny outtake of the scene (check out 00:54 of this gag reel), Jake Johnson grabs Max Greenfield's face and kisses him, but completely misses his mark, planting his lips on Greenfield's eye instead of his mouth. Greenfield steps back and covers his face to hide his reaction, but his smile can't be contained as he looks at Johnson and says, "It's weird what you just did" — causing both actors to crack up.

Billy Eichner steals the scene in a blooper from Season 4

There have been some impressive guest stars on "New Girl" over the course of the sitcom's seven-season run, but perhaps none have been quite as entertaining as Billy Eichner. Most may know Eichner for his abrasive persona in the hilarious reality show "Billy on the Street," but over time the actor-comedian has enjoyed a larger presence in TV and film. Eichner appeared in the Season 4 episode "LAXmas," playing a character very similar to the one he portrays on "Billy on the Street."

When Jess tries to get her friends bumped up on the flight waitlist, she has to contend with a snarky airport employee named Barry (Eichner). The two butt heads at the beginning of the episode, but later find themselves commiserating with one another at the airport bar. Barry eventually takes pity on Jess and helps her friends get on their flight, even upgrading them to first class.

In a very funny outtake from the Season 4 gag reel (which you can find at 1:04), Max Greenfield decides he wants in on the fun. Eichner is shown eating a pizza at the bar, and Greenfield tries to swipe a slice — even though Schmidt doesn't appear in the scene. Eichner continually shrieks "No!" and pushes him away, after which Greenfield yells at someone off-camera, "How dare you not give us scenes together!" Eichner replies with his trademark sardonic wit, "They would be real subtle, I know that." While we'd have to agree with Eichner's sarcastic assessment, we can't help but wish that these two big personalities had been given a chance to interact in the episode.