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Christy Carlson Romano Confirms What We All Suspected About Raven Symone's On-Set Behavior

Back in the 2000s, Disney Channel had an uncanny ability to take relatively unknown child actors and making them mainstream stars. Before becoming the face of "Transformers," Shia LaBeouf got his start with "Even Stevens." Miley Cyrus, now an A-list celebrity, got her start on "Hannah Montana." And Raven Symone, who's done countless appearances as herself on TV, got her start with "That's So Raven." 

Christy Carlson Romano was also a mainstay of the network in the 2000s. She may be best known as the bossy older sister on "Even Stevens" where she performed alongside LaBeouf. However, she's also the voice behind "Kim Possible" and had a starring role alongside Hilary Duff in "Cadet Kelly." Since her Disney Channel rise to fame, she had a stint on Broadway as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast," wrote a novel, and started her own YouTube Channel. 

And on her channel, Romano loves to reflect.

Christy Carlson Romano says Raven Symone is a great leader

Considering Romano and Symone were in the Disney Channel orbit at the same time, the "Even Stevens" star made a video about her relationship with the "That's So Raven" star. In it, she confirmed what we suspected all along — that Symone is a total boss. 

Romano says when she was first told Symone was joining Disney Channel, she already knew she meant business. "I remember them saying how it was really important to her family and her to have her name in the title of the show," Romano said. She added that she could tell Symone was someone who put her legacy in the forefront of her decisions, calling it a "power move." 

Additionally, Romano says that Symone is inherently a great leader, adding that she was "born" with leadership skills. Just watching old episodes of "That's So Raven," the creative ideas seem so cohesive and, as the show title hints, it seems like Symone really runs the show. Romano is confirming that Raven is always "in charge of her own ideas" while still be respectful to collaborators. The world of child acting can be tricky, with some stars succeeding and others heading down dark paths. It sounds like Symone has always had a vision (no pun intended) of what she wanted her career to look like, and that may have helped her remain successful to this day. 

Also, it likely played a part in Symone's role for the "Raven's Home" reboot.