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Exclusive Clip: Get A Sneak Peek At The New Action Thriller Warning

If you're curious about the new science fiction action thriller "Warning," you're not alone — but you can find out more in this exclusive clip.

In the first trailer for "Warning" released in September 2021, audiences got some seriously cryptic glimpses at this highly-anticipated film, which stars huge names like Alex Pettyfer, Alice Eve, Kylie Bunbury, Rupert Everett, Thomas Jane, and Patrick Schwarzenegger alongside a group of talented European actors. In the trailer, Jane's unnamed astronaut ends up stranded in space while trying to perform a seemingly difficult repair, while Eve's character keeps asking a small electronic device how many "sins [she's] committed" on any given day. Meanwhile, Alex Pettyfer and his wealthy immortal family appear to be living in style, yet other characters, like Bunbury's, struggle to escape an oncoming asteroid and an apparent apocalypse as an unseen clock ticks down.

Now, you can take a better look at this mysterious movie — Looper has an exclusive clip of the film, which hits theaters soon. Here's a look at one of Rupert Everett's scenes from the upcoming sci-fi flick "Warning."

This clip from Warning teases a mysterious, intricate story

In the exclusive clip, audiences get to meet Rupert Everett's character, Charlie; though they barely know anything about him, he definitely doesn't seem like he's in the best of health, as he's receiving yet another "full body scan" right before the holidays. (Why this timing is important is still unknown.) This is Charlie's second full-body scan in full weeks, but that doesn't seem to be his biggest concern, and instead, he asks the man with him, Brian (Tomasz Kot), a series of odd questions. After pleading with Brian to stay for the holidays and dress up as Santa — an offer Brian refuses — Brian points out that Charlie would have "never had Santa as a child" because he never was a child, leading to yet another set of questions.

Mournfully, Charlie asks, "Am I doing something wrong, Brian?" Brian then tells the older man he's doing "everything wrong," eliciting a wry laugh from Charlie. Then, Charlie reveals another fact without any context, saying that he's been "in this place" (what the place is remains to be seen) for two months, which is longer than anyone else typically stays. It seems as if Charlie needs to be chosen in order to leave, and though he asks Brian to do just that, the man demurs again, leaving the two in a totally mysterious stalemate.

If you want to discover all of the mysteries in "Warning," you can catch it when it hits theaters on October 22, 2021.