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Samuel L. Jackson Has Some Choice Words About The Snap On The Set Of Secret Invasion

As the television listings for the Marvel universe continue to grow, one entry on the list that might be one not considered trustworthy is "Secret Invasion." Comprised of six episodes, the show takes the title from a Marvel Comics crossover event from 2008 that saw the shape-shifting Skrulls infiltrate Earth disguised as our greatest heroes. Details of what we can expect have been kept, well ... secret for some time now, with the first bit of info being a very exciting team-up taking the lead.

Announced during the Disney Investors Day last year, it was confirmed that Ben Mendelsohn would be back as not-so-bad-guy Skrull, Talos, along with Samuel L. Jackson as legendary super-spy Nick Fury. As it turns out, though, the man behind the iconic eye patch isn't that great at keeping as quiet as his alter-ego. Not only has he revealed some valuable intel about the show, but also finally spoken out about the moment that changed the MCU forever.

Samuel L Jackson drops an iconic hashtag for Thanos

Following a post on Instagram, Samuel L Jackson gave a selfie that saw him in a T-shirt displaying his MCU character mid-dusting from "Avengers: Endgame." Accompanying the pic, the actor gave reference to the pivotal Infinity Gauntlet snap from Thanos writing, "Time to get back in the groove. Happy to be back on the attack!#secretinvasion #f—thatsnap #backwithafury."

Dropping an F-bomb is nothing new from the iconic actor, and it's great to know we finally know where he stands following Thanos' now-failed efforts. Most importantly though, it also confirmed that Jackson is indeed back in action as Fury for the upcoming series, but showing little else as to what's coming. 

As for supporting talent appearing up in the series, "Secret Invasion" marks the introduction of Emilia Clarke, Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, Kilian Scott, and Christopher McDonald to the MCU in roles yet to be confirmed, as is the show's release date. For now, we can only keep an eye out for any further Skrull activity and hope beyond hope that we may see Olivia Colman in pointy ears and pea-green skin.