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The Invincible Season 1 Scene That Went Too Far According To 29% Of People

There was a time when we thought that Amazon's "The Boys" would be the goriest, grisliest superhero show on television — but then, Robert Kirkman turned up with "Invincible" and made us want to shower for several hours after its first season. Arriving earlier this year on the streaming service, the animated adaptation of Kirkman's beloved superhero saga about Mark Grayson's (Steven Yeun) journey into the world of heroes and villains rocked uninitiated audiences to their core.

Dressed like a Saturday morning cartoon and covered in enough claret to fill a "Game of Thrones" episode, there were several standout scenes that led to audible gasps, wince-inducing reactions, and at least one "that's gotta hurt." However, which moment from this groundbreaking new show left us truly unsettled by what was on display? Where was the moment that left us having to search for cute dog videos on YouTube to make us feel okay again? Well, thanks to our band of brave U.S. audience members that revisited the star-studded show with a body count equal to 57 "John Wick" marathons running on loop, we finally have the answer.

Battle Beast's beatdown

Breaking down some of the most intense moments of Season 1 of "Invincible," six standout scenes were carefully selected to determine where a sick bag would be needed most. To start, 11.06% of our test subjects believed that Battle Beast showing the new Guardians what was what in Episode 6 earned its place among the ranks, and understandably so. The white tiger-looking terror taking out Mark first is only a sign of things to come before he snaps Black Samson like a twig and shows us what the inside of Monster Girl's head looks like. All in all, it's a horrifying introduction to one of "Invincible's" most fearsome characters.

Two of the only finalists that drew in the poll at 11.69% are just as harrowing for different reasons. First up, there's Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man's (J.K. Simmons) takedown of the GDC (also from Episode 6), which, if anything, is merely a demonstration of just how mighty and straight-up terrifying Mark's dad is. Less of a challenge and more of an inconvenience to the god-like "hero," there are notable moments that are both incredibly cool and terrifying. From halving one agent by way of a kitchen counter to squeezing Donald Ferguson's spine just like cookie dough, it's another clear statement that this is a man not to be trifled with.

Bad Robots and psychotic cyborgs

Neck-and-neck with Omni-Man's home invasion is the revelation of the real man behind the Robot. Throughout the series, it was presumed that Zachary Quinto's copper-colored member of the new Guardians was all bolts and circuit boards when the truth is far darker. As revealed through the Mauler Twins' work following their escape, the entire jailbreak was orchestrated by Rudolph Conners, who, in Episode 4, is revealed to be an incubated genius trapped in a deformed body who required their services to be transferred to a new vessel. One that is, in fact, an empty clone of Rex Splode (Jason Mantzoukas).

Next up on the slab (quite literally) is Rick Sheridan's (Jonathan Groff) transformation into a cyborg at the hands of D.A. Sinclair (Ezra Miller) in Episode 6. At 12.80%, fans believed that the Frankenstein-like transformation at the hands of the mad, young scientist was gut-wrenching. We first saw one victim (voiced by "Rick and Morty's" Justin Roiland) wake up to a living nightmare with one arm replaced with a metal claw before his vocal cords were quickly removed. Horrified by his new form, he took his own life in the middle of the college grounds following a battle with Invincible. Thankfully, Rick didn't suffer the same fate, as William (Andrew Rannells) managed to get through to his college sweetheart and help Invincible bring Sinclair down.

A hero in train-ing

All that's left are the two most talked-about moments of the season. Firstly, at 23.85%, there's the limb-tearing, skull-crushing taster that showed what "Invincible" was all about. During our first post-credits scene, the OG Guardians are duped into a meeting by Omni-Man, who proceeds to rip them apart one by one. Met with a mediocre resistance, it only makes the Viltrumite even more vexed, leading to his costume getting wrecked, and Earth's mightiest heroes needing to be picked up with a shovel. Nothing could top this, surely? Cue the train.

In the pantheon of pain distributed throughout the first season of "Invincible," nothing came close to the showdown between father and son in the finale. Nolan and Mark going toe-to-toe after the latter learns of his father's secrets isn't just a great last episode; it's an endurance test, with one moment, in particular, being hard to watch. At 28.91%, fans agreed that Nolan forcing Mark through an oncoming train is as creative as it is truly disturbing. Watching Omni-Man use his son as a battering ram, with Mark helpless to stop people turn to bone and blood around him, is the definition of "visually arresting." 

While the sight will no doubt be scorched in your mind, Steven Yeun's performance of dread and horror is something we've not seen from him since he got trapped in a revolving door in "The Walking Dead." If you never watch this moment again, we really don't blame you.